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Heat related illnesses. It's three 48. Frantic and weather on the 8s. Here's where McClure and the WTO traffic center. All right, sandy, overall, it's been a really nice travel Sunday this afternoon, still moving well at speed all the way around the capitol beltway through Maryland and Virginia, no issues reported. Maryland I two 70 the same to and from Frederick, no problems reported. I 95 had a little volume slow down, southbound after two 12 through calverton toward the beltway ramp, BW Parkway had a few slowdowns north through parts of green belt and south, a little low speed before route 32 through jessup and Ford mead. Route 50 no worries there inside and outside the beltway, you're moving nicely, tune across the bay bridge, volume only on the eastbound side was from before kick saint Clair. Now it's after cape saint Clair, so it started to thin out a little bit thing. It would start picking up speed around mid span. Still good on the westbound side of the bay bridge, three lanes west and two lanes east across the bay. Odin, Virginia, 66, no problems there, three 95, the only slowdown we have on the northbound stretch, approaching the 14th street bridge, that's it after route one. I 95 still with a brief volume slowdown only on the southbound side approaching route one 23 in the aqua Quan, still good in the northbound lanes coming up from Fredericksburg, down to king George county, Virginia traveling north on three O one to a nice macmillan bridge, no worries, and either side. At speed two and across the span, through the district started to get some volume westbound on the freeway from after the third street tunnel toward main avenue, has some delays on the two 95s south from after burrows toward east cap and north before and after Pennsylvania avenue, meanwhile, the crash cleaned up in northwest or northeast along the westbound side of New York avenue is still working progress we're thinking it's still on the right side of the roadway so the cleanup continues in northwest along the westbound side of New York avenue as you head over the anacostia still along the right side of the crash cleanup. And a new crash reported in northwest and on the southbound side of Georgia avenue just after New Hampshire avenue, police are there, not sure what lane is affected. Jeffrey lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes and tire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services. Visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location nearest you. Rick McClure WTO traffic to storm team four meteorologist mar Theodore, Hartley sunny, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s tracking a chance for showers for your Labor Day and storms by the afternoon, high temperatures will be in the mid 80s. Tuesday will cool it down into the low 80s with showers likely

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