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Uh-huh. Hello friends. Welcome again to the podcast Wiki. I'm Jay Nelson forest today. I wanna talk about God talk. So I've been doing a recent deep Dolf into Carl Jung and. I don't know if you familiar with much of Karl Yune he is probably one of the greatest psychologist of all time to me, a profound thinker and the more that I study the more that his. Thinking makes sense to me. I'm reading not just the actual works of car of of Yoon. But I'm also working through a his it's called an autobiography it's a semi autobiography if that makes sense it was actually ghost written in in the although we know who actually wrote the autobiography for him. So it's a biography. Autobiography kind of thing a lot of it. He did. Right. And most of it is his words. Although perfected by the. Person who actually wrote it say all this to say that he is interesting. Take is. Making me rethink the. The God talk question. And so for those that are hard atheists list of podcast. This might be a difficult thing to listen to. So let me be started guest by saying clearly that I believe that the theistic God of Christianity. Islam and Judaism is. On tenable that is there is no evidence and the evidence we have is against such an idea of all loving all powerful. God who created this world came just not? You can't look at the evidence in come to the conclusion that that. That's correct you can ignore the evidence in pick and choose and many Christians and Islamic scholars and things of this nature do that they have to do that they have to pick through the evidence. They can't be honest with him. My difficulty though is the power that the God concept has. Throughout the centuries. The reoccurring us of it. And I say that because I have I have a couple friends in my life. L and will are are two that come to mind both of which flow. Back and forth between this God concept. Both have at least for a time were eight Theus te in the sense. I didn't believe in God. And both now are re. Searching the God question, although they've taken away the the the dog Matic -ness of of Christianity and stuff like that is an interesting to them. What's interesting is more the mystical the the mysticism of yet. Or if you wanna be accurate at least for for one of my friends. It's more in the NAS tick. The knowing of this. Greater higher power thing. So. And for me if I embrace God talk it would be in a pantheon setting. I always had. I always felt that there was a power in the pantheon them motif, not so much the the because the the physical sciences if you just cut man in half and just he's if you're just talking rational than clearly naturalism is the the most correct interpretation the most correct conclusion based upon the evidence we have so far. But man is not just an objective rationalist. He has a deeper psychic experience, the what you in called the unconscious and the more that I delve into these hidden motives, the more. I begin to question the wisdom of divorcing myself from the God talk thing. And so I'm opening this up to discussion with you. Would you think about God talk? Do you think there's a place where you can talk about God in the sense that the the universe is God and God is universe to use Dhaka's term sex sex up, atheism. Is there a place for that? Do you feel? It's just that's a line that you won't cross is that ally. And that I should not cross. And if so why? Not. And you can you know, either comment on this episode in the comments on the website at Jada genostim force dot com, or you can Email me directly. There's a contact page on the website. And there's also my Email address, which you can Email me directly J J Y at j Nelson forest dot com and again forced is with two ours. And if you do that, then you know, I will get back to you probably Thursday or Friday of next week of this coming week, depending on how busy I am. I might have jury duty this coming week. So we'll have to see, but the important thing that I really want to put out to you is I need to know what you think about God talk in a pantheon stick sense because the theistic cents is that's not on the. Table. Okay. But whatever someone says God, you know, there is the the. The crossover between that and the theistic concept. You know, when I think of a pantheon steak. Idea of God. I think more of like Dow something that doesn't have the attributes of being all loving in the sense of what we are something. That's because the universe is indifferent. Okay. That's a simple fact, the universe is indifferent to our existence. We just happen to curve out. Carve out a space of existence within a cruel and on the life. Universe. We have life booming in on earth, which is unusual. Considering how much non-life there is in in our solar system that we have been able to discern anyway. So when you look at it that way, you kind of think, okay? So whatever this.

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