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It's twenty seven past welcome back to america in the morning after his lemonade stand got robbed there was a happy ending after this nebraska boy stuck with his plan taylor barth has the story it's a summer staple icecold lemonade on a hot july day henry made it himself road my bike up to walgreens and i got the mix at fifty cents a cup here you go the twelve year old brought in ten bucks tuesday until some teens showed up and turned his stand sour they act like they were vice illuminate for me down to get them some then they took off with my money disappointed henry's mom jamie posted about the lemonade looters on the next door app the response suites they want to restore his faith in the community and i think that has been evident here today dot com henry set up shop again wednesday i was going to let them like put me down his hopes were high he was saying well maybe i'll make a hundred and i was like maybe instead he made seven hundred with the help of omaha police officers inconsiderate customers like one woman she gave me a hundred dollar bill and said this is actually a real one proving that when life gives you lemons you really can make lemonade feel happy into there's people out there that care on this date in one thousand nine hundred twenty the panama canal was formerly opened and in nineteen thirtythree the minimum wage went into effect forty cents an hour america in the morning for july twelve is produced by tj katini.

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