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Questioning authority dot Lipson dot com. Okay. All right. That's not bad Lipson. Good host for for podcasting. All right. So speaking of podcasts a lot of libertarians Tom woods during the Ron Paul campaign of two thousand eight and two thousand twelve he's a New York Times bestselling author and has written over a dozen books, including the politically incorrect guide to American history since September of two thousand thirteen Tom woods has been putting out the Tom would show every single weekday which has racked up over twelve hundred episodes, so far his guests have included Ron Paul judge. Andrew Napolitano, David Stockman, and hundreds more topics include war, the Federal Reserve net neutrality, the FDA Austrian economics and other subjects of interest to libertarians. You can find the Tom would show online at Tom woods dot com or search for Tom would show in your favorite pod catcher. And I just went to go and check just out of curiosity 'cause I had heard that there was a poll with the New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate whose name Gillette. Jarvis that had happened. And she'd only gotten one percent turns out a different poll was done at around the same time similar sample size where she pulled four percent. So that's not bad four percent. If she could get four percent that will actually keep the libertarians with ballot access at the same level of the Republicans and Democrats it's not gonna apparently get her into the debates as I said, there's a protests going on as we speak because they're the TV station has set a much higher standard than four percent, a ridiculous standard, a clearly unfair standard and part of the reason for this. Now, this is obviously speculation, but I'm going to try to back. This up is the main party candidates will protest if they have fair actual like, hey, if you're qualified for the ballot. You get in the debate, which is what it should be. If that was the requirement the one requirement, then what would happen would be the democrat or the Republican one or the other or both would say we're not going to. So then they don't have a debate. Right. If the the main to won't debate, all you got the libertarian willing to debate. Or if one of the main two dozen debate will they move forward with it and have an empty seat on stage. They might in the case of a radio station is a community radio station. So like one of these low-power FM stations in what they call the north country, which is the biggest county of all of New Hampshire. It's called colossus county. That's where they have the porcupine freedom festival in fort fast. The they have this radio station, and they invited all three gubernatorial candidates all three who were qualified to debate. And guess what happened? The democrat believe refuse to respond, and the Republican refuse said that he could make it basically just refuse to go because the limit and this is my speculation because they knew probably the libertarian had said, yes, they knew the libertarian would be there. And the fact is a libertarian even one that's small government kind of like Gillette is she's not she's not like, a volunteer. Issed libertarian even a small government libertarian will clean the floor with a standard run of the mill Republican or democrat much. And that's that. I think is one of the big reasons why you way, they work very hard to keep libertarians out of the debate, right? Sorry, good. Because if if you had a libertarian gubernatorial candidate presidential candidate congressional seat, whatever come on TV and have people. A large number of people exposed to these ideas. That's dangerous. Right. Right. Upset the whole applecart. I think it could be that in the instance, where they have a libertarian candidate who's actually articulate. But I think it also could be NBC I've seen I've paid attention to to a few just you'll libertarian candidates him. Like, some of them are like ver ver not very articulate over weird. Yeah. And so, but they would I imagine night in the in that case, they the Republican or democrat, even if you know, the person won't be able to like best film in a debate. Even if they do have the right ideas is because they don't want the Republican democrat. They don't want to give legitimacy to a third party. Certainly don't. Yeah. Absolutely. And so they have these shifty things they can do like not showing up now, obviously they wanna be on the w yard abate if they don't show up in colossi county on some little tiny little FM radio station. Okay. Probably not the end of the world for their campaign. But if they don't show up to WMU are it's going to look bad. So they worked with w. You're obviously. And it's obviously speculation but to make sure the libertarians don't get in. Right. And who knows how long it's going to take before a libertarian actually gets to twelve percent in a poll because it's one of those chicken or the egg things if you can't get the exposure for your campaign, how are people supposed to know about the campaign to decide to vote for the campaign further? Some of these polls as we found out in New York, haven't even included the the libertarian right now. That's just that's just rigged. I mean, there's no other way to put. But why would you think w just in your opinion? Why do you think WMU are would go along with with that with banning the third party candidate because that's that's attention grabbing right back and get a lot of more ratings. Right. You know, usually just boring to people for as a third person question. Great question. So there's a certain aspect of being in the media. And where if if you are a political reporter talk show host or something like that. And you know, we don't do this. You're on free talk live because we don't care for politicians. We're not interested in them, generally. But if you are a political junkie kind of reporter, you have to interview these people that's kind of like what you're expected to have to you have to ask them for it. And if they don't you save so and so refused to comment. Sure. That's true. If you had some integrity, that's what you would do these people want to pander to the politicians because they want to get the interview they want to they think the politicians are special. And so they treat them in some cases like royalty. They treat them very special. And so they want to get the interview they wanna pandered to them. So they don't ever ask the tough questions or they ask sort of the politically expected questions like what are you gonna do about the environment? You know, not anything with any real teeth or importance right only asked the questions that allow the parties to somewhat differentiate themselves from one another within a certain pre-approved political spectrum. And I'm not saying this is any sort of grandiose plan by Rupert Murdoch or whoever it is. You know, owns all the media as the conspiracy theories go, it's just the. The desire of the individual reporter, the individual talk show host to feel important, right? They wanna feel like they have the connections to the political people just like somebody in the, you know, the Hollywood reporting industry wants to feel like they have connections to the stars. And they don't wanna lose their White House press passer. Whatever go I will say it is also from the top of me and just being reported myself. I faced prior restraint from people who have no right to tell me. What to do you had this happened recently? You are a news editor at the local college paper here in town. Yep. Yup. In that case, it's someone die. I don't really wanna get into the personal stuff. But they told.

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