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But were they go now, and especially because last night you saw it with Trevor Lawrence the true freshman waited he played leading his team to a national championship. That's what USC fans expected of JT Daniels their true freshman quarterback. And now he has he's going to be on his second offense coordinator and possibly new head coach at the end of the season. And so now, what are you look at USC with this hired of clay of cliff cleans berry going to the NFL. Yeah. And and this leaves a major hole all of a sudden 'cause we know what happened with t Martin. It wasn't really working out as a play caller. I liked what clay Helton was doing and certain spots at the end of the year focusing maybe more on the run game. But I know that's not necessarily the expectation of USC when you bring in JT Daniels, we had a bunch of USC games this year. So I saw him up close and personal and talk to the kid was around the staff was around the players. I still feel like this is a program that could be at its best with with a great running game. And when clay took over some the play calling duties late in the season. I did feel like the refreshes of an offense that maybe doesn't look like what USC fans expect. Maybe it doesn't look like what college football fans expect, but at least has some identity, and unless you're going to go out and get a guy like a I don't know if you've judge Scott or Tony Elliott from Clemson or you're gonna go grab I don't know if you're gonna get somebody like, Dan, he knows already signed up to be acuity coach at Alabama this year, unless you're gonna go get. Somebody like that that has a bit of an established track record with with quarterbacks. I don't know who you go out and get and obviously this is going to change, and and the fluid scenario because of all the coaching changes we're going to see in the next couple weeks. But I just feel like I don't know where you lean to right now when the next recruiting period signing period is coming up at the start of February. And you gotta jump into planning depth chart and figuring out your personnel. This is a bad situation that USC is in right now. Well, and how much in Kirk brought this up in the last segment how much worse is it. Now that Clemson has kind of become this national brand. Now, I mean they went in there yesterday. And you know, it was there were calling shook night at the end of that game with risk. Yeah. I love that the the walk ins, I think it was a feral or somebody. They all went all should deathrow unto death valley. I was big fan of that, obviously..

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