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Long career as a curio however. So they don't really seem too concerned when they're driving away. It's like Kinda easy. Shit happens. All. Of that can be explained. That was nothing it was wolves. Remember that old guy. But they play this audio tape back several times while somebody shaking the car off to the. Work the smoke machine. When you see the the Gargoyles I, love the steam or yes. Smoke coming out of the back of the car. Yes. It's kind of a red light. Beckett. But when the gargoyles comes up on top of the car, it can't it's reminiscent of like Halloween, right? Yeah. My Car and lost boys to that's that's kind of the same lighting. So the drive with him on the top and he's basically going we. Allow stuff there. And, Cornell Wilde is just jerking that car back and I. Love His fake driving in that sane and even Jennifer salt like lacquer head dips towards the. She's like really selling. Yes. Slapping. Her head against the window. Have some fun. So, here's another. Another gas station I don't they haven't had a real good track record with flammable stuff. So. Yeah maybe you should wait until somebody pumps the gas for you. Yes. So the gargoyles gets thrown from the hood of the car. And they just go off to a gas station and one of the only a few standing structures. In entire movie they just burnt down one of them, right? There in like death valley or something and. Still don't seem very concerned about what's going on no. No they play off what happened to the car. A can you fix this? It looks like somebody Claude, the hood of the this is deep gouges. The guy's like, yeah, it's midnight. Sure. I'll get the work on your. Hug Get your hoop. Up. Good. Hey, where where are you in the film? They got to the hotel. You get to see the creepy what's her name? What's The lady that wanted to drink and everything? Her name is Grayson Hall. Yeah. She play Mrs, Parks. So she is the the maybe the owner, the proprietor this. Hotel and what she's immediately just Oh, you wouldn't believe what I've seen up here I went you stay for a nightcap. Stay for a nightcap. Okay He. They, get a hotel room from her apparently. And.

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