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Towards my career and I feel like, I've. I've transformed that all of that like I feel like there's an ease to my life today I don't know what's Best I know what feels good and that's all I know and. I feel healed in a lot of areas especially around food I feel really healed around food I eat what I want. I eat healthy and you what I want when I want There's no judgment around it and I feel good. In terms of relationships. I'm single and I am enjoying that and I am You know not actively dating, but open and. I don't know I feel like there's an ease to stuff that there wasn't an east to before how do you feel you've changed in the past five years Dave I sort of I sort of ECHO. What you said in that my priorities absolutely shifted I. Think I had a pretty rigid idea of what I wanted. I was coming out of a series of professional and personal setbacks and was hoping to really you know. Impart. The will of God to change all of them all at once and was really kind of Doing them in a messy way I. I think I I had just started a new job that was Not, a constellation, but it was like a shift from from my previous interaction on my writing career and I think I, had a little chip on my shoulder towards some people professionally and personally in there were things that I wanted that I felt I was entitled to that you know the entitlement that only a an average white man over thirty can have and. I think the last five years I've I've. Zeroed in a little bit on on what's important what's actually important to me and what I'm grateful for and when I'm looking for in my life and I. You. Know I really wanted to be in A. Loving relationship and I I was able to. Do that I found one and I was able to you know remain at least. Mostly employed and I wanted to get to a point where I could Feasibly have a dog which is something I've wanted for my whole life and now I do and she's three and a half months old and she's absolutely Insane but also the cutest thing ever seen in my life she's She's out of her mind but she's fantastic. She Margot we left lost. She just lost to puppy teeth last night for the first time. It was terrifying I didn't know it was happening. I was like wiser blood all over your chew toy like we were playing tug of war and I was like I broke my dog what's happening and Then I after googling nine thousand things, I realize okay. Everything's fine and I washed offer toy and let it dry and Now. She's sleeping behind me and. It's just a long way to go to say you know I always was like I'm not going to get a dog until I get to this perfect place in my life where everything is. You know. I've been able to slot everything into the into the right whole and. Check off every box and you can't really plan for a lot of stuff in your life I'm learning like maybe not the thing I learned last five years that like. You know we had certain expectations for this show for ourselves professionally for stuff relationship in it's like you kind of all you can do is be the best version of yourself that you can, and so you know I think I had maybe just started therapy. When we started the podcast ride, I was about to and now I. I mean I've been going regularly with the same person and I feel. Really good about it. And I am trying to be a little bit nicer to myself which I would always say I would do, and then I never actually did but now I'm actually doing it. So that's where I'm at I love that I think i. think that's amazing. I. Also think like that's over five years. So it's so long like it's such a long span of time. I think probably there's so much that has changed that we. We haven't even taken into account like there's probably. So everything honestly what is in different? You know like? Everything everything in the world around us is different I mean little game is different. The climate of the world is different. The actual temperature of the world is different which you know. We're not gonNA talk about now, but it is troubling I also think that five years from now we even without a podcast to mark time with, we're going to be completely different people. Oh. My God I. Hope So i Love Changing I. Love growing I love growing up. Being a big kid I like taking accountability now. Known ability is a motherfucker I like I like not feeling victim to life I like being like I did that. woopsie. Honestly. Wow.

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