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It was very costly. And butner was released the following year and had to deal with that following him for the rest of his career. Now again, this is a guy before that two thousand seven hundred and fifteen hits or collectively he had that many in his career. So this is a guy before that moment, who had done plenty of things, but at the moment the memory chased him for the rest of his career. Luckily, the Red Sox finally did win several World Series in nineteen or rather two thousand eight they invited him back to the ballpark. Threw out the first pitch has got their rings. And so, at that point in time, Bill Buckner said, quote, I really had to forgive not the fans of Boston per se. But I would have to say in my heart that I had to forgive the media for what they put me through my family through. So, you know, I've done that and over that unquote, and I'm glad that. That part of the chapter that shafter got written. He passed away yesterday. The age of sixty nine Bill Buckner after complications from dementia. What a career. And what a story never forget it. That's for sure. Seven forty two now on WBZ back to the new center, John Stokes, Trump wishing him Oriel data. US servicemembers aboard American vessels, American assault ship. Docked in Japan. The president dropping by during his state, visit service members of the US waas. Welcome Trump with loud. Cheers and applause Trump scheduled a return to the White House today. Police in orange beach Alabama investigating after a million dollars worth of illegal drugs. Washed up on shore multiple package discovered by people walking along the beach one contain twenty pounds of marijuana another head nearly forty kilos cocaine the entire shoreline of southern California city is closed swimmers sewage contaminated runoff flowed into California, from Mexico's Tijuana river. More than one hundred ten million gallons of toxic storm water flowed into the imperial beach area from Mexico since April news, talk ten ninety nine three WBZ traffic.

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