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That's probably true. yeah Look at it. It's a milestone. you know this is some. I think it's one of the things that we can. We can genuinely celebrate so the second of november two thousand was The crew the first crew joined the first covenant crew. If i can put it that way joined the space station. So it's been continuously inhabited ever since then That was a cold expedition. One so they. The nasa number that crews Currently the crew that something aries expedition sixty while so things have moved on a lot. But i think the international space station is just an absolute icon first of all international corporation. It is a place where hundreds really full very low engaged. Because of course it's a it's a. They're five space agencies. Involved the nasa of course roscosmos the russian space agency. Jaksa japanese space agency isa european space agency and the canadians spice agency and many other organizations as well but there the principal players in the game And you know what we've learned from. The international space station is an extraordinary amount Ah just about the way. The universe works about You know the basically the the way humans work in the way a physics works in space because lots of zero gravity experimental microgravity experiments have been tried out a just a couple of statistics so far it has hosted two hundred and forty one crew members and a few spice taurus. You might remember back in the early two. Thousands of nineteen countries So it's a lot of people have been on both ham. Any ozzy's i don't think there are any. Oh no. that's not true. andy. Thomas thank candy. Thomas is being here. Yes i think trump quote on the space station on these mang space raido on mir when the mir space station was lying. He was there for over a year. Think long period it's It's an impressive achievement. And lock said before. You've got this international cooperation which soda sometimes flaws in the face of the issues. We're having on earth mainly economic but It is something that from time to time Count is what the country's doing with each other on the planet which i find astounding but on also glad that when they're off the planet they're up there floating around what they do They're all nights. And i think that's that's right this. I can just spruch a very nice conversation piece. Which was ridiculous gelman who valley while spice geologist on. just in walsh. Who said associate professor artistry knock geology at chapman university. But they've put together a nice summary of the you know watson what the space station is about. There's a couple of paragraphs One reads the is smelly. Noisy messy washing shed skin cells and crumbs is like terrible share house except econ leave. You have to work all the time. No one gets a good night's sleep some fat..

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