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And I have to say the entire performance reminded me that at this this this man this prosecutor ignored a fifty three page indictment and had some strange issues around immunity for co-conspirators and one of the close friends have Jeffrey Epstein and later gave this same man a pretty good job and I think you know we don't know where this leads. We don't know where this goes but we do have a president who is a sexual Predator and this case has a lot of ties to him as well and roof. This is a story that could only happen in the trump presidency because this issue came out during the vetting of Alexa cost and he survived the trump vetting because because in trump vetting this isn't a problem well. Let's call how we got Alex Acosta. We got Alex Acosta because the previous candidate for Labor secretary had to withdraw when there were allegations of <hes> spousal abuse so Alex Acosta's issues relating to this it clearly inadequate <hes> prosecution deal I guess looked mild in comparison to that <hes> <hes> but more broadly this is not <hes> an administration that let us say is well known for its excellent vetting and even when they find things they tend to think they won't cause trouble because the I guess they've plowed their way through a lot of things that you know kind of it kind of goes to the question of contrition contrition actually makes an apology has has a good impact on a lot of people sincere apology has a good impact but as a bad impact on one person which is donald trump he sees it as a sign of weakness. He famously doesn't apologize he doesn't like it when others apologize and that may be another another piece of what was going on here today Ruth Marcus and near attendant thank you for joining us on this difficult subject really appreciate and when we come back Carson Katie Porter will join us to tell us how J. P.. Morgan Chase has finally finally finally responded to her withering cross examination of CEO Jamie Jamie diamond in a Congressional hearing as we showed you on this program in April Freshman Carson. Katie Porter really made life difficult for J.. P. Morgan Chase Chairman and C._E._O.. Jamie diamond once she asked him how a single mother like her living in her California Congressional district could possibly make ends meet on the entry level wage of six dollars and fifty cents an hour. The Jamie diamond pays new employees cars wound porter who was a law professor specializing in Consumer Protection Law before she ran for Congress did the detailed math on the monthly the expenses of a single mother trying to live on J.. P. Morgan chases entry level wage and after running through every detail of the typical monthly living expenses in her district..

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