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Though thompson along with you on this wednesday september 20th and as john's dose was telling you the death toll rising in that mexico earthquake more from abc's daniel backus hey jude anguish may laying an inherited be one lyric in toys describing chaos fairly outside buildings rocking so hard glass from a window to the ground light post shake violently more than two dozen buildings collapsed with reports of some children inside i was trapped on the third floor says this woman we tried to get out in the people in the house next door helped me get out with the ladder rescue workers rushing a woman to safety another woman covered in dust is carried through a crowd on a stretcher with the death toll expected to rise crews are now scrammed linked to find more victims millions of residents are without electricity as the country now begins to assess the earthquakes toll and that's a abc's done your back is we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning a developments out of mexico we are switchgears now to a degree talk about a a different kind of a disaster and that is hurricane maria which is barreling now towards of course puerto rico and with us now is meteorologist ray stagich from the weather channel good morning ray neighbouring boat thanks for being here so maria give me a snapshot of where we are right now all right 155 strong categoryfour storm that's about as high as it can get on the category four um saffirsimpson scale numbers one fifty seven to get back to cat five probably not going to do that a nine hundred seventy mila bars a pressure and right now dangerously close to nearing puerto rico does looks like the western northwestern side of the guy walls now coming onto the eastern end of that island with already some winds to ninety one miles per hour in puerto rico in san juan excuse me and even offshore psalm one hundred mph wind gusts so hurricane warnings include the us virgin islands british virgin islands puerto rico dominican republic gam parts of the turks and caicos so those are actually um some areas that were affected also by erma and unfortunately four puerto rico this time more.

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