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I have a question. Okay. Yes. Yes, miss Miller. There's going to prison effectively shot him. Does he act to see? Can we just get some peace and quiet for once and how many years? No, no. He's going to give interviews. Because people just stop interviewing him because you're in prison. Can you trough? They need the ratings. No, you can't Twitter. Trough. There are 5 full pro Trump networks out there that are going to be clamoring for interviews with them every single day. Can we make sure that he has an animal lecture, mass not because he eats people, but just so he'll shut the huh? Is that a possibility? I'd like that. Yeah. And then he'll say, hey, senator. Love your suit. All right. Kevin and D.C., hello, Kev. Good morning, everybody. Hello. Oh, and Jodi is here. My weekly of reverse royal sandwich. I'm just looking at the and again, I'm not saying what I'm going to say to be happy. Goodness knows the last few weeks of flip flopping poles. I've not seen happy. I'm just saying, seeing that the record, they keep saying the record and above the pace of their this is the midterm and presidential turnout, usually history is shown that favors Democrats are hoping that that is a good omen, but I do despair sometimes it again, it shouldn't even, it shouldn't even be close, and I just fear I hate to say it because goodness knows my life. I've met people of all races and creeds, but and good to hold black people are capable of trying to live as well. I have picked them off over the years. It annoys me. But in this particular case, the majority population tribalism is at stake here. And I hope your people get it at harming us at this point. These people are going to harm you to just as bad. Yeah. So please, please get a clue. Please. Yep, absolutely. All right, thank you, Kev. By the way, I just to be a happy clap. Speaking of which, duty to warrant says, nobody believed Michael Moore when he said Trump would win in 2016 and now nobody believes him when he says Democrats are going to win the midterms. He's been more accurate than the polls because he actually talks to people in Roman is strong and I think that's being underreported. Yeah. Rower rowing of the vote. There are Republican women that are not pleased with that ruling. It's like we're ignoring the Kansas happened. Yeah. Right? I mean, Howard dean said that too. So I think we're going to pick up seats in the House. We're going to end the Senate. Because the gerrymandering wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. Right. It's the house's real similar to what it was in 2018. Right. Right. Is that an official Jody Hamilton prediction? And Kevin McCarthy might lose his feet because Bakersfield has higher crime than San Francisco. Now he's not going to lose. He's not going to lose a seat. He should lose his. That's the one race in president my mom is not seeing any advertisements for and she is in his district. Yeah. We talked about this yesterday. But how do we grab that issue because the statistics absolutely back us up that 8 of the top ten states highest crime states are red states, are Republican led states, but I was saying it's a perfect example in that Oklahoma, you know, and I know you and bob ceska talked about it as well. But because all you have, like, these good old boys going, oh, do you believe that, right? He's like, I look at that little light and he said the crimes were here and New York California. You believe that? You're like, yes, because it's the truth. That's true. I mean, the only thing that's good is that's a really tight race, right? So you could win that, but I just thought like, that's exactly they're playing off like you don't want to be called a liberal elite. Like, oh, you can possibly believe like, you know, your worst often California in New York, liberal elites. And but the cold hard facts are yes. The crime is higher in red states. It is in California might be the fourth largest economy. Right. We're going to overtake Germany. Yeah. We're doing well. Fantastic. Oh, yes, Andrew workman said just picturing the reaction on the right of a justice that Obama appointed like son of Maori Kagan throws the subpoena from the state grand jury to a high ranking democratic center on the judiciary committee after he helped try to overthrow the U.S. government. Yeah. Yeah, you can't. Heads will explode, they scanners if we fill in the blank. I think oh, there's another one. Hold on

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