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Mean skin tone wise. Yes you are correct in that regard. How do you feel now that you know that there are sort of like a superficial stereotype. I mean there is a bit of self interest. I think itself applies a bit. Yeah yeah at least four or five of the traits described. That's kind of neat that you're dating profile really advertising. Here's a good question for you when you go on dates with girls. Do you tell them that. You prefer asian because think that. I'm finishing them which is a off. Do you not think you're fetishizes them. Why isn't perfectly willing to date. Not asians how do you have any rebuttal to that. I think that asian women fetishizes him interesting. That is can we speak to that for a moment. Are you familiar with the okay. Cupid racial dating data. I haven't read it recently but please divulge so check this out so and this is not exactly accurate numbers. I read it months ago. But that being said white guys show about a seven percent preference for asian women versus neutral asian women show about a twenty to twenty five percent preference for white guys versus neutral. So really it's not so much. That white guys have fever yellow fever towards asian winning but rather that asian women have like white fever towards. Does that impact you eric. In your dating preferences knowing that asia women fetishizes life men. I have no problem with asia. Women federalizing white men because quite frankly that leaves more caucasian women for me so again again. It's all about swinging the numbers in favor As best as i can anyway. they're taking. It is an eel. A numbers game taken off the market. That's fine by bam dope problem with that have done. This is in other parts of the country as much as i see it in new york. See nah big cities for sure. I've lived in boston which is very conservative. And i don't i mean i've lived. There appears but it was not as prevalent as san francisco. Maybe this is a supply and demand issue to right so when i looked in beijing we have this term for these men called. Lbh losers back home. We charge these white guys who can't get much action in the states or in north america and they go to china and they're able to date any locally want because it's very very prevalent. I'm going to there. You go but you don't like fobs were bogus or were they actually are locals. So it's like these guys who go to china because they become celebrities in a way and it's not so much nowadays used to be this way like ten years ago because there is this thought that white people can help us excel move forward in society. It's what we've been taught in the media and used to play with white dolls as a kid even in china because there were no asian dolls to play with even as love interests in movies. It's always a white male who of interest so ever. Since i was little is kind of like oh if you're a with a white male he'll help propel you do a higher status in society. Can i ask you a question. Sure every year open to white males only need egypt guys. And i know a lot of asian girls who only jake nation is..

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