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Trials on adult subjects just before leaving washington for the holidays senate majority leader mitch mcconnell praise the trump administration for advancing the republican agenda over the last year mcconnell saying it's been a year of 'extraordinary accomplishment pointing to neil gorsuch being named to the supreme court for supreme court of of fifty years old extraordinarily well qualified shells holes i'll be there for a very long time off mcconnell also praise the confirmation of 12 federal judges at the appellate level most in a first year of a presidential nominee administration since the 1800s un vote to condemn the united states recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel has touched off a new round of protests correspondent bill zimper has the latest palestinian protests flared up in jerusalem the west bank and the gaza strip friday a 24yearold palestinian was reported killed by israeli troops in the gaza strip with ten others wounded smoke was seen billowing in the holy city of bethlehem as tyres were set on fire and crowds had to be disbursed with rubber bullets in east jerusalem the latest protests came after the un general assembly overwhelmingly voted to condemn the us recognition of jerusalem on with palestinian president abbas calling the us decision an insult to millions of people worldwide bill zimper nbc news radio there's only one oprah winfrey and she took her social to or social media can't thursday to remind her millions of followers of that of the fraud oprah winfrey taking to twitter and instagram after online oprah impersonators advertised free cash since christmas is less than ten days away i'm giving away five thousand dollars each.

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