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Eleven oh, poor fair this Carlin and Maggie on a Saturday morning where live down outside the link in Philadelphia army, maybe later this afternoon. And this guy said a big day already. Here's the chief of staff of the army in the future, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff nominated this morning. He is general Mark milley who finds himself talking sports radio people, so crass. Thank you very much. Appreciate your general. Great. What was your reaction to the nomination this morning? That's gotta be exciting news, right while it's very humbling, and it's an honor to continue to serve in if confirmed by the Senate, so but we're not here to talk about that. We're here to talk about army navy football. All right. Chief of staff of the army, and that's what I'm going to be for good while longer. Okay. That looks like he has the look of land that is not going to be happy with a loss today. If that happens absolute it's all about winning getting results and armies doing well had a great season this year, you know, coach monk in is the first time since nineteen forty says red Blake to post back to back nine game winning season. So had a great great game almost an upset because number four ranked Oklahoma big game over time the double overtime against Miami, Ohio. So they've had a really really good season. They got a good defense. Good solid defense offense. So we're looking forward to it. But you can never underestimate navy. They've got a great office to. All right. Well, let's talk about this. What just what it made in in the grand scheme to the young men and women of our military this game in particular and army against Davey. And then and the idea that you know, they are all brothers and sisters in arms so to speak. In the grand scheme. But this is such a special day. What is this is America's game sort of thing? And you've got young men out there on the field and not just in football and all the different sports of all the academies for army navy and air force and indeed coastguard as well. And and there are playing against each other. And they're all very very competitive. And what they're doing is. They're they're practicing the skills the knowledge the athletes they're going to be effective.

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