Xi Jinping, Beijing Government, Voting Rights discussed on BBC World Service


Lin hong kong president xi jinping has said the city has more democratic rights and freedoms than at any time in its history however he warned that attempts to undermine the beijing government or chinese sovereignty would be absolutely forbidden before his speech several prodemocracy campaigners cashed with both police and pray beijing demir status juliana youth reports the leaders of two prodemocracy parties had gathered to make their way with a small group of followers to the building where the inauguration was taking place they were demanding greater voting rights for people in hong kong as well as the immediate release of the chinese dissident liu xiaobo but without warning scuffles broke out between the demonstrators and the police protesters were thrown to the ground and then probeijing supporters turned up the confrontation went on for more than an hour ending only after the leaders of the prodemocracy march were led away by police the united nations has agreed and nearly six hundred million dollar cuts to its annual peace keeping budget the united states has welcomed the measure but cooled for even deeper cuts david wyss reports the united states is not the only country that's been pushing for cuts in the un peacekeeping budgets the european union and japan have also call for cost to be bringing dim but as the biggest contributor to the peacekeeping thumbed the us under donald trump has been for us on the matter as part of its mission to reduce the us commitment to international organisations in general the budget karta's expected to lead to the closure of the un peacekeeping mission in haiti and a scaling back of operations in the darfour region of sudan and the.

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