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But now he adds to his resume film direct tour tour extraordinaire speaking of day Franco welcomed Dave. Hey, guys that you saw much ramming. With it's really. First of all you and I have made the same life mistake we work with our families. You know. So we understand each other in that way. But the first time we met you, I was reminding my dad you and your mom were with your brother when my dad showed a pineapple express class at USC Oh interesting. Yeah. And at the time you said to me, you know Dave is also a very good actor. and very sweet of her. This is the best thing and I get it and I. Love It, and so it's been really fun to watch. You lost some and bloom and you have. And you've continued to work with your family. You crazy crazy man. Is the best. It is truly the best people people ask me what I. WanNa be doing five ten years from now, and the truth is I wanna be doing exactly what I'm doing right now, where I'm smart surrounded by the people that I love and trust the most, and it's it's interesting when you're working with family where they obviously know me better than anyone else, and so it's almost impossible for me to be fake when I'm when I'm acting with with family where they can detect if I'm doing anything false, and so it really makes me raise my game to to the highest level I'm. Not with him. He's going to smile for picture I'll say real, smile. That we all do that. Of. Course. You're prepared, smile. Yes. It again. Do it again. That's that's really that's a really good point. True, did you know Leonard that I actually took your class at USC? No, I did not I founded and. It was one of the best classes offered at any university anywhere where we basically got to see movies before they came out in theaters, and then we had crew members or or actors from those films come in and talk about their jobs end as an aspiring actor and filmmaker..

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