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Yes, absolutely. One of the great rate businessman, American history, one of the principles behind the Hilton hotels. Yeah, exactly. And I would say a good to Quinton. I wouldn't say a good friend of mine, but it was acquaintance abiding. We had a couple of laps over cocktails and of time. And of course he's got that granddaughter. What's kid's name? Perez Hilton. Dare you go. Barron. Hilton moved to San Diego movie, LA chargers. He moved to San Diego charges to sandy. He moved eagled the towards San Diego LA try to threat to San Diego, but you know, the whole thing is is they've at this musical franchises. I got it. It's the LA LA charges and they moved to set in nineteen sixty one day. And it was in San Diego that the charges found a home. They found a fan base. They found a rabid sports fan, you know, and they'd never had a professional team in their on. They had a bunch of the only thing sandy hill had really that anybody got decided about with the Pacific coast league minor league, you know, they had the Padres, right? And so when the chargers played it, Balboa stadium in one of the games is the historic game of Keith rink it in nineteen sixty three American football championship will. The lot of people don't remember that far back that will I do hold on Keith Lincoln and he went to Monrovia high school, never mind. So what did you say sending charges are love in San Diego. That's what I'm trying to say. And I got to thinking, I talked to Lou press back and Bob hub rainy. These are two guys that I've not been partners. With, but we talked from time to time over the friars club. Now, these are the Jonathan clubs give not the friars club. Now, these two guys said to me, you know what the Cleveland Browns did. And I said, well, what did they do? And they said they that city Cleveland got a hold of the colors, the name and the records and held onto him, and they let the Browns go to bolivar. That's right. And what do they do? They call the Cleveland Browns were suspended franchise. Exactly. They said that the franchise was suspended until such time as they got a new franchise kill the San Diego Chargers. I propose become a suspended franchise just like the Cleveland Brown. And when you do that all the Browns, what did I say did the Brown? What difference says it back. Several scatalogical. No, it doesn't. Anyway, you guys, you guys have got doodoo on the brain. What do I said that do? All right. So the Cleveland Browder I'm gonna singular. Is it now just to spite you. Hey, who's him? I used to wear Minh if needs correcting. I'll do it. You understand, I'll do it. Go ahead way hurry. Yes. How the Cleveland Brown is now in business and they have their colors. They have the name and the team is playing a hand. The Baltimore Ravens are playing and everybody's happy. It's too bad. The first championship won by the Cleveland Browns was in Baltimore. Well, I guess it wasn't really Baltimore, knew it wasn't. It was the Cleveland. It was the Baltimore Browns it with the Cleveland ravens. It was the Brown. It was the Baltimore Ravens, the ravens? Yeah. Because the franchise, the Baltimore, the Cleveland bulb, all I hate you. The Cleveland Browns stayed in Cleveland as a suspended franchise and a new team, the Baltimore Ravens, and they existed as of nineteen ninety, whatever the hell. All right. So you're proposing the same thing for the chargers. Exactly. Now, the little small problem. The team has moved to Los Angeles. The Commissioner, whatever the guys know who's the Commissioner of football. I don't care Paul something well, that Tagliabue's to new guy, right? I, but anyway, that Commissioner, the people say, he's got his fingerprints all over this thing. Do you really believe he's going to make some sort of decision whereby the San Diego Chargers retroactively are reestablished in at this LA charger? This version of the LA charges becomes a new team. I'm saying that it's a way and it was a great way that would play with in Baltimore and I could do the same thing his back and Paul tag a boo Hoo. Hoo. Who is the wedding wasn't the who, who Who Wasn't There? The Commissioner back then. I mean, who was the Commissioner in in in the nineties? Yeah. It was terrible, I think, right..

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