USC, Football, Shaun Harper discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Six billion billion with their own cable channels i mean they're they're major sports players and almost all that revenue comes from two sports men's basketball and football so where does that money go not to the student athletes under ncwa rules they're amateurs they cannot be compensated beyond their scholarships and the cost of attending college but i go to coaches salaries it goes to facilities it goes to it goes to the conference commissioners who make more in excess of two million dollars now there are a lot of people who are millionaires because of these sports and so everyone gets paid except for the student athletes so how does race factor into all of this i mean it's racist all throughout this conversation in the way people think about it and who the actual players are literally in this case so shaun harper who was a scholar on diversity in higher education at usc said that you know many of the schools in the power five were either officially or affectively segregated for most of their histories and that has really tangible consequences for the way campus life looks and so these are conceived as white spaces their fan bases are white their alumni visas are white the cultural spaces are white and so black students will be players in football and basketball to be on the court in the field but they won't be in the stands so you're saying black people will be players what are those demographics look like so most of the players in the money sports and football and basketball at the power five schools are black so fifty six percent of the basketball players men's basketball players are black fifty five percent of the football players are black but two point four percent of the students at these schools are black men and so this is only two point four percent i know shocking to us too but does this weird paradox that happens right so you have black men on.

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