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The whole thing is worth it. Hi, my my real name is critical Race theory. I presented myself too many well known communities using words You think you know, like equity or inclusion. So if it puts you at ease, just call me equity until we get to know each other better. I'm here to institute an all inclusive, anti racist to educational program. I'm sure that you all have a common understanding of the term racist. And if you have questions about this new term, I'll explain what that actually means. Once we have the program in place, you're good. You're good people, and I know all of you want to be anti racist, so let's begin. Now I do understand that my name has the word Syrian it but well, don't pay too much attention to that, as we will be teaching CRT is truth. Besides theory and truth, both start with the T So later we can just use them interchangeably and eventually make a permanent name change. I'm going to ask you to please not refer to me using the terms Marxist, Maoist or Stalinist. CRT is very different from those ideologies. We won't be dividing your Children or the citizens of your country by class. We will be using race instead. But enough about words and names. Let's get to the program. That's good stuff. Oh, it is. It is, um First order of business will be to install a very comprehensive equity program. We here at CRT like the word equity because it sounds so much like equality or the value in your home, And that feels good. But under equality, the law, equality of opportunity doesn't really work for us here at CRT. Those equalities have been worked on for 225 years through struggle. Amendments to the Constitution, War movement, civil rights laws, rules regulations, trillions of dollars spent. And yet there are still individuals that succeed or fail more often than others in every single school of business in America. Then they make the point that if you get, um Virtually identical students. From a limited number of homes of the same races, socio economics, etcetera. They don't have equal outcomes, but that's very uncomfortable to discuss. So we'd really prefer that we don't discuss that at all. But they say that, uh, CRT has many goals. But here a couple of CRTs favorites from the dozens of word salad Gold selection, want to ensure that the predictability of student outcomes do not correlate with any social or cultural factor? And to to ensure that every student is embraced in their full identity in a community of belonging that empowers them to flourish, both academically and socio, emotionally, But then they point out that your kid is no longer your kid. Your kid is your kids race and that's all they are. Maybe I'll share a little bit more of this with you in a in a bit, but it's good. It's devastating to his coat on CBS are early show, um, talking about critical race theory. Yes. So are critical race theory is a is a framework. For understanding American history in American life, and the basic premise of his starts from the idea that racism is endemic to this society. Now, you can agree with that, or disagree with that. All sorts of historical theories or theories that can be applied to a law etcetera, but to ban it. I just really, really want to focus on that. You know, it's not what your opinion of it is the idea that it should be banned from teaching. At all or banned from discussion of banned from educational pushed out of the public square. I just, You know, I think that's a huge problem. I think whatever your opinion, those ideas are like you should find that problematic. There are many notions and ideas in America that I totally and completely disagree with. I wouldn't ban them. There are a lot of people who I think are you know are dead, dead wrong. You know, I wouldn't move for schools and for universities to ban a discussion of those ideas. I just think that's a that's a That's a totally totally different level. Um, they'd never never get Tim Sand first started on T C coats, as we have before, because he will go on for an hour about how much he hates the guy and how dangerous he is for the country and his views of the world. Um, but as to what he just said there, Joe. Well, I appreciated him expressing that point of view, but it is hilarious. It reminds me very much of a certain fundamentalist Islamist countries..

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