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That was master from Elise Laura for the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. Music has long been a family affair as a teen. Her brothers recruited her to become a member of guide. The dossier together they've won. Three grammys and twenty-one Latin grammys away has spent the past few years reintroducing herself as a solo artist and along with resident her brother and bad bunny co and performed a few lundahl. Scoot Yose the song that became the anthem. Puerto Rico's protests. Listening to Alamo Laura. It is clear that La like the island. She loves is recognizing the dots of her own strength. Welcome to New York City. Thank you good to see you and your hotel room. Thank you for making this work. I appreciate your your released. A motor prior to the protests. Ousting the governor your lyrics I saw in countless protest signs. My friend ANA lives on the island and she calls among Laura a premonition. Ooh I heard that little Very Super Gracie for me. Because maybe the only thing I can think of is like when you wish something so bad and then suddenly becomes reality. I think that might be what happened. Because I'm I've always had this frustration. Not only about a colonial status and how we see things but the thing that froze therese me the most is when I I start seeing the people thinking that they're not enough that they are not a capable of doing anything that we need dependency and for me. That's not part of our essence and I can see so much more From the three. Can People that what we see ourselves and for me. That was my biggest frustration. And what made me write this songs? Did you always see the islands relationship to the US that way or did you have an a Ha moment? I've always seen it because thanks to my family like we all share assange the same ideals and and I remember having that teenage moment of questioning myself if I actually believed in independence or if it was just because my family believes in it and I remember having that moment and realizing that yes I do believe in independence and I little by little. I've been appreciating more who we are what we have and even though Puerto Rico has been a colony for so long our identity still remains and that is something that we should recognize and wonder why does our identity still remains. And that's maybe has to do with the moment. We are leaving now. Sharpening the knives became the anthem of the protest. How to come together? Well I suddenly received a call from my brother that they were just doing this song. I mean it was almost like one day to another and they told me to write the chorus. He just send me the beats that were made through. I had an idea about like what it was going to be about because we were all very angry about the whole situation. But I didn't hear what my brother road or by Bonnie and neither my brother I mean we were all like on our own writing what we were feeling. But since we're Puerto Ricans. I think we were sharing that same anger and we were fears. You know with everything that was going on and we just expressed our cells in different ways. And that's how it all came together and They just told me about the the knives concept so I I just like road what I felt and and the melody and everything but he was like very from the heart. What did it then feel like to listen to that song? Play in the streets. In that moment it was amazing. Especially because the people just knew the Holy Rick's like did they after so are the same day. I don't remember but it was crazy. But at empowering you know I mean Puerto Rico must have a lot of political songs. But we don't know about them so much and I think in that moment we were just like seeking for something that we could and is there something. That's getting in the way of your happiness or that's preventing you from achieving your goals. I have found the talking with someone could be a big difference but sometimes the logistics like angry person time to connect make things complicated better help. Online counseling connects you with a professional counselor in a safe and private online environment. You can get help on your own time and I own hates. You can schedule secure video or phone. Sessions plus chat and tax. Their therapist better helps licensed professional. Counselor specializing everything from depression. Relationships too complicated family dynamics self esteem grief. You've got it. And if you're not happy with your counselor for any reason you can request new one. At any time. They even have financial aid. For those qualify. Best of all. It's an affordable option Latino Latina listeners. Get Ten percent off your first month with the Discount Code Latina so why not get started today go to better health dot COM SLASH? Latina felt a questionnaire to help them. Assess your needs and get matched with the counselor. That's better help dot com slash Latina.

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