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Been killed in a raid conducted by the US military in northwest Syria a senior U. S. defense official says that it appears that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi killed himself with a suicide vest during Saturday's raid the final confirmation is pending while DNA testing is conducted the CIA reportedly assisted in locating the ISIS leader and the raid was carried out by special operations commandos the Pentagon's not yet commented on the report president trump scheduled to make an announcement this morning at eight AM Houston time as early voting continues KTRE to zone Jimmy Barrett is hosting a form for all of the candidates running for mayor you can hear it Monday from three to five on nine fifty KPRC of a studio audience for members of the fire department management will also have police department so Marty and ray will both be there and disease commanders interesting time to say the least in every major candidate for mayor will be there except the mayor incumbent Sylvester Turner who declined the invitation Texas women who drive alone in their cars at the latest target for car theft a report now from Sally Adams bump and rob style of car theft is for two car things get into a minor fender Bender in order to steal the car they hit and use it in other crimes please find a woman driving alone in bumper car slightly from the rear they wait for the woman to get out of the car and then one of the thieves jumps into the car drives off the other robber takes off in their original vehicle police say if your car's lightly bought from the rear in the offending car stops and don't get out immediately moved to a place with some people around and try to.

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