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Nine, hundred, ninety, nine, they did a ninety minute pilot produce for touchstone television intended for the ABC television network. Right and it was also going to be attended for it was a French co production, so it was also going to be on French television, right and TV executives said yet. No, yeah, yeah, so apparently Lynch sold the idea to ABC suits. Based solely on a story of read emerging from the car accident. Her purse, containing one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in cash along with the blue key. Right in in the premise was. Betty would try to help her figure out who she was That's the that was the elevator pitch. Apparently and I'm sure that ABC after having. Twin peaks right. They were probably asking Okay David to find out who she is I mean. Please tell us we're GONNA. Find out who she is. RIGHT SPOILER ALERT! We don't so. I think that might have turned them off. A little bit I might have turned off ABC because they've done that before. And they had great success with twin peaks, but they done that before, and they'd gone down that road before and I don't WanNa. Do it again now. From what I found out from, my research was that Lynch showed ABC a rough cut of the pilot. The guy that they picked through watch the pilot needed. In, ABC immediately cancelled it. And then Lynch goes around and you know it talks it over with I guess a French investor or something and and. They decided that they live basically re. Re mench rewrote. The script expanded it. When they decided to turn into feature film at that point. Nice Yeah. Now interestingly on a twin peaks trivia note. Supposedly Sherline Fan. Yes, that Audrey. Horne Sherline Fan. said in a two thousand fourteen interview that the original idea came during the filming of twin peaks. As a spinoff film. For her character Audrey Horne. That's interesting right, so we got another right, which makes me wonder why maybe that's why Lynch did what he did to Audrey in return. She, the little girl who lives down the lane and this one mean interesting. We get another car accident your with. sherline fan that'd be interesting, yeah. Right yeah. I would have watched that I'm sure you would have watched that because I know you bet big lottery hord fan you're. A Big Fan. Fan as well. Would have been all over the as well. She's one of the greatest humans that has ever graced the earth. She's the sweetest woman. So if that's the case you know, somehow that evolved from a Audrey Horne spinoff into. Something completely different. So. Now for Different. Well at the time that Mulholland drive was being done as a TV show. Sherwood Fed was working on rude awakening for..

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