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Dolan the focal and for mu skin or blues those two guitars and one amp were the only instruments on the entire recording wow that just shows you don't have to have a lot yeah if you got it where it counts and wow what a huge national hit that way yeah just huge mule Skinner blues and then lonesome road and Jack of diamonds what we got next old we have songs about Wisconsin first one was are written by Glenn Sutton well the song's title is a reference to what could be more Wisconsin then beer cheese cheese specifically Schlitz beer which for many years was advertised with the slogan the beer that made Milwaukee famous so in nineteen sixty eight G. O. R. Jerry Lee Lewis recorded this version is as a single and it became a top ten hit while so here is Jerry Lee Lewis live from the palomino club what Milwaukee one sure how may we that's a late whatever that was Piper road spring band with the title cut from their nineteen seventy seven album kettle moraine before that if Jesus walked the world and we started the set out with crazy baby blues next up we have Dave Dudley born Dave produced guy in Spencer Wisconsin and grew up in Stevens point he's a country singer best known for his truck Drivin anthems of the sixties and seventies here is Dave Dudley doing John Henry John forty nine the woman hello that's six it's eastern the city is a check at all his goal right hang up a banner the reason right the stock right right right now right right that was medicines on the mid westerners with the title cut from their CD riding with Chuck featuring which Richard Weigle on vocals and Ernie Connor on lead guitar before that Dave Dudley with his signature song six days on the road released in nineteen sixty three and that was his first major hit and we started with Dave Dudley's rendition of John Henry from his album truck driving son of a gun well next up we have a set of contemporary Wisconsin musicians starting out with mark Hembree a mark played with bill Monroe's bluegrass boys in the late seventies went on to co found the Nashville bluegrass band the end is currently active with his new band the mark Hembree band we will feature a song today from his band the western box turtles and this is Borman hop.

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