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Just in case you had trouble totally catching. That Kennedy asked him point blank. Even if I get reelected acted we won't be pulling off a moon landing before him out of office. Will we and Webb said no no. We won't while this was just great. Kennedy had been convinced to pitch this wildly expensive utterly ambitious idea and and now congress was drying up the funding NASA couldn't make its deadlines and Kennedy was facing down a reelection bid looking naive and wasteful Foale and ineffective. It was time for one last hail. Mary only two days later Kennedy went up to New York to give a speech each of the United Nations it was September twentieth nineteen sixty three and he gave an old idea one more try he stood before the UN and he proposed once more to the Soviet Union this time in public the idea of healing they're cold war rivalry Tori and going together to the moon. Why should man's various flight to the moon be a matter of national competition. Fi should the United States and the Soviet Union in preparing for such expeditions become involved in immense duplications of research construction and expenditure. Surely we should explore whether the scientists and astronauts of ought to countries indeed of all the world cannot work together in the conquest of space. There is room for new cooperation a joint expedition addition to the moon but the thing is then nothing happened. The Soviet Union didn't respond with a resounding yeah. Let's go. It actually didn't respond at all. It was as if the president hadn't said anything. Kennedy was just left in limbo wondering what to do now keep pushing for a joint project abandoned the whole thing press on alone own autumn said in the trees near the White House changed their colors and they lost their leaves November member sixteenth nineteen sixty three Kennedy went down to visit Cape Canaveral again he was thinking through what in the world to due Brown was there. The president sat through a presentation on the launch vehicles that NASA ASA was building for the Apollo Program. There were charts and models of the various rockets on display. Kennedy got up and walked it over to them. He reached out to a model that was about a foot tall he said so. This is the redstone it was a replica of the rocket that had sent the first two mercury astronauts to space in nineteen sixty one he took it in his hand and he held it up next to one of the other models which was taller than Kennedy and are these models to the same scale. He asked yes they were that was the Saturn five rocket rocket. That would send three men to the moon. He looked around at the engineers and said Gee looks hike. We've come a long way. Brown remembered this moment and years later. He said there was something like a boyish enthusiasm about him. At the same time D. he please sincere.

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