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Because i was with the band but was and then. I didn't have a hangover the next day. Either that's why. I feel like it was a drug. Maybe you just had the drug and not enough booze to give hangover. That's yeah very good guys doing that. They gotta buy that stuff. And then i mean he didn't banger or anything. No that's the weird thing that's the part that never made sense. Yeah there were these two guys. Though that i was talking to and i don i. This is so long ago who knows anyway. Good times so surprised. you're alive. Sometimes i yes not to make a weird just saying no i mean i think back. There's two things i'm thinking about one. I'm thinking about moments. Where like really poor decisions that i made and then i'm also thinking i have two kids and i don't want them to make bad decisions and justify it by like but look at all the dumb shit you did. But i mean it's already out there Yeah i just the things that i shudder at our in my drinking days like going home with someone i just met. Yep that was a fun night for us. But yeah yeah. That's true with lucky i was just. Yeah i'm putting myself in. I was putting myself in such a vulnerable position. That was just so dumb but here. Which is you think you know. I think murder happens less than you think. But still why put yourself in a position to be murdered but every guy and girl i talked to have been through this so it just kind of feels like a part of life as horrible as it is and how scary as it is and not to be negative but your kid will go through this at some point. You know. it's just part of it. Yeah i think so i needed. I was such a late bloomer. Now you weren't you were you. Were not a late bloomer. No no not early bloom. Yeah what you never hear about early bloomer. So what was your what was your early blooming experience. Well i'm from new orleans so it's just it's just part of the sin it's in the fabric there. It's part of the culture and you know somebody just hand you a beer when you're nine and you go with it and then then it's downhill from there. Did you really start at nine. Wow probably heavy stuff. Thirteen fourteen really when it got ugly But then it just oh this beers of his phone. Let's try the liquor all now. Let's pills and we'll get high. I then will pre-game and that will black out and they will do mushrooms and acid and get some blow to go. You know it just keeps going from there. have you thought of. How have you felt that you had a problem and had to pull back in the past. Nobody you know. What's weird is. I pretty good functioning alcoholic or i was but the hangover's gummy it wasn't even the the being drunk and dr- great drunk driver. It's just the hangovers. Because it ruins your whole day like and they don't mind blacking out yes. Yeah and then you get older. And they're worse and worse and i don't just have the a lot of people have the nausea vomiting. I have like shame and guilt and anxiety is through the roof so people say like the phone rings. I can't answer them..

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