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They could have done this that could have done that. Look the saints didn't play great. Neither did the Rams for that matter. The reality of the call is the guy blew the call, and it wasn't the tuck call because when I. Got fucked by the tuck, call we still had to go to Pittsburgh to beat the Steelers, and we weren't going to beat Kordell Stewart. We couldn't handle a quarterback that we will. We weren't gonna win that we that wasn't a Super Bowl impact. That was a divisional round impact. This was were were were we're gonna take our shit to Atlanta and go play in the Super Bowl, and you just stopped us, and it's really unexcusable. And when you could say two of the three leagues would have corrected it that even makes it more more hard to take Sean Payton's at two years down the miracle and Minnesota the Nokkala Nola. I mean, it's just it's it's hard for me to understand, and, you know, with the saints, obviously, I mean, you talk about the history of a franchise where you know, things have necessarily gone and played in their favor. You mentioned Minnesota last year. And obviously this same call, you know, in this game with with drew Brees. When he throws the deep ball to Ted Ginn forty three yard gain over lamarcus Joyner. They get the ball one fifty eight left in this when they're on the thirteen yard line to timeouts for the ram. Sms, and we talk about on this program a lot, and you mentioned a lot about, you know, game management making decisions a lot of people are pointing to Sean Payton's, you know. He runs a slant to Michael Thomas on that first down. So that saves the Rams a time out. Is there a little bit of revisionist history that can go into this where if you are showing paid, and maybe you do run the ball is that something to look at as well because I've seen a lot of people point to point to the fact that you know, maybe they do run those run the ball and and make the Rams used their timeouts in that situation. While I think certainly, you know that the first and ten call calls for a, you know, you could certainly second guessing say should have run the ball. But I thought he called the control pass. I mean when you're down there, you're in the headset there the first thing you're thinking about is. Okay. Control pass. We've got to get the clock move in here. Right. So on first and ten he calls the control pass, and it falls down in front of embryos makes a horrendous horrendous throw I mean, if breached just throws a good pass their Thomas is going to catch these going to get the ball to the three four yard line. It's going to be close. It's almost going to be a first down to love. But he makes a horrendous throw. He makes really bad throw. And that doesn't excuse the call it just that you can't blame it on the call. You blame it on the execution of the call. So there's two byproducts of that. I mean, you could have easily called a run play and turned around and fumbled it, right? So that executions a problem there? But you know, me, I'm a staunch believer getting the clock movement. I thought it was a thought it was a safe pass. Probably a good call it catch him off guard and see what you can do. So. Yeah, you can go back, but take Frazier. I mean, look the reality of it is is is they were beating them all day long wheel routes. Wade Phillips runs Russia's five cover one. He gets picked constantly in the game gets away with it. Camara had how many catches and the game. It was ridiculous. And this time they just exchanged Tommy Lewis for it. And and they don't get the call. I mean, I don't know what to say the saints fans. I mean, the economic impact of this. No, call is staggering first of all for coach. You lose out on a chance to make substantial money, right?.

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