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Nationals the angels the dodgers and the d backs and i think that'd be that'd be a win a you and and oh by the way i don't know how this happened but you miss kershaw that's nice you miss kershaw supposedly we'll find out as i think henry show city unbelievable when i see it at sunday night if kershaw hadn't pitched but he's not the not supposed to start he they never miss kershaw kershaw always pitches in san francisco and always gives up like two runs or less the way he just gave up a three run homer to somebody named miguel row haas of the marlins what's sport if what what's the score three nothing is it really rerun shot off all in in the marlins really plus three twenty or thirty monster dog three nothing in the fifth who of kershaw if you take the dodgers tonight at minus three ninety you're not happy right now you're like oh billy billy billy billy billy don't do it to me then a lot of people would have taken the the dodgers straight even more people would have taken the dodgers like on the on the run line even more would have taken him in a parlay going well they're going to win so does adam into my parlay ouch ouch so yeah that's big that's nice for the giants you miss kershaw so what what's kershaw's lifetime era at at and t like one eight one it's absurd his ear rate is asinine really so to miss him as big go to and just go to and two seven and six that's a good run plus you know it's interesting because we would all this is a really important stretch then you move onto the next one and the thing is is that you get the dodgers in there but the two teams that are interesting because they're playing so well as affiliated braves when you look at your oh there's a little bit of a break they're not now but i mean you're talking plus five hundred teams and especially in the case of the.

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