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Then then iin the big ten championship game which of course we once hoped that michigan or michigan st in ohio state gets a longshot chance to play for the playoff by taken on undefeated was goncz then auburn who is number two in the country and they add the big say that played georgia again racist play them a couple of weeks ago when they were number one now georgia gets to try to do it right back to them and then clemson plays miami and clumps is number one of miami's number seven and miami have been up there idaho's number one week ago so it's a great day of college football and then you can get the press in watsa lines play on sunday i have a feeling they're going to lose the baltimore i don't know why i just have this fiasco the other hot jarbou we'll take a break we'll come back with more in seven sixty wjr seven sixty wjr news marie osborne michael flynn the former national security advisor to president trump pled guilty today to making false statements to the fbi and this all revolves around conversations he had with russia's ambassador correspondent kristen holmes is in washington congressman adam schiff ranking member of the house intelligence committee saying the admission is significant joseph until today acknowledges he told senior transition officials about this those people all became part of that white house so it's not going to be that easy for the white house to simply say nothing to see here the white house reacting trump's lawyer ty cobb saying quote nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than mr flynn john conyers attorney her arnold read telling reporters today the eighty your old congressman has not sexually harassed anyway will continue to defend himself until the cows comfortable because unequivocally unmitigatedly he is indicating he is not sexually harassed anyone and read says conyers health is not the best he remains hospitalized he'll decide on his own political future in the next few days when county may be getting close to getting out from under the unfinished yell set according to communications director jim martinez so yes today wayne county uh announced that it into doesn't intend to to move forward with the unfinished grassroots site which we inherited from the.

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