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Get the full package but it depends on what your project is you know if you're a multinational you know multimillion dollar company and you're only going to him for us or something like that that might be an issue you know because you certainly might have the the the manpower or the budget to hire someone or to you know bring on a designer to actually do something more custom but i see so you're saying that these these five dollar themes are making you know design and presumably design if some quality available to to regular folks like you know like myself and the listeners but then at some point you have to decide your corporate identity requires accustomed set up a custom designing it's time to start paying someone some some money and also i mean you get what you pay for i mean if you pay for something that's five dollars the other thing that these marketplaces do is that they really don't give you that much of a preview of what's under the hood you don't really know what the documentation or the options panels or anything look like until you purchased it i know that i bought some things and i've gotten the documents nation in everything and it's trash and i can barely use it but i paid x amount of dollars for and oftentimes you can't get that money back so he can be a little bit for crap shoot but you get what you pay for yeah definitely speaking if we get what you pay for i'm starting to be frustrated as i see people saying give me some design i'll give you exposure how do you feel about that i mean exposures for cameras so not a fan not a fan i mean the thing with the internet is that anyone can have some level of exposure i don't i don't buy that whole oh if you do it for xyz exposure thing i really hate when that comes particularly from celebrities who you would think would know better i think it's one thing if they feel like you have to pay your dues but but nah i don't i don't buy that somehow it seems like the celebrities like they're the ones that we think have the most money but they're the ones that get the most free stuff why don't mean get free stuff for the people i mean politicians do the same thing so yeah kind of that same thing if they can get it for free they will that's not cool so so you've interviewed two hundred and fifty plus designers developers front end people i don't know about you but i've always struggled a little bit with imposter syndrome eddie it feel like a phony when you look at that kind of like crush of talented people that you've had on the show do you think that all these visible designers are giving other designers sense of imposter syndrome i mean there's so much great design on the web right now i think sometimes sometimes that can happen i know there are times when i reach out to people for the show and they've seen that i've interviewed you know a christie tillman or any apar or or you know sarah hunt young or something like that they see that i've interviewed these well known designers and they'll say oh i'm not at that level yet i'm not there yet and oftentimes i have to tell them well that's the reason why i wanna talk to you i don't think it's the one thing that i think i really like about revision path is that i've tried to get people at all different levels i've got students i've got captains of industry i've got educators i've got junior senior designers i think it's more important that they just tell their story about where they're at because where you're at is not where you're always going to be so even if someone thinks that oh i'm not i'm not good enough to be on here whatever i'll tell them if i've reached out to you to be on the show i feel like you have some that's worth sharing that's hopefully they don't feel that way but i do know that some do.

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