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Do you see this happening here with the inflation of the us. Six zero three. I can't happen here. Six one six zero one to accept bitcoin at your online store. There's a good chance you already have. What you need a wordpress using commerce and a bitcoin address now all you need to start taking bitcoin payments on your website is the any pay app on your android or iphone just paste your bitcoin address into any pay then connected to your website with our one. Click plug in for wordpress now. Your website takes. Bitcoin start to finish in fifteen minutes or less with no complicated steps. Download any pay from the app store today. If you want to know the latest about free talk live before we go on the air. All you need to decide is how you want it delivered. It's your choice. Visit dot freetalklive dot com to receive are usually weekly news. Updates by email plus. We have a twitter account at twitter. Dot freetalklive dot com and you can follow us on the decentralized messed on platform at toot dot freetalklive dot com so please follow us at two dot freetalklive dot com and sign up for our emails at news dot freetalklive dot com. Look i'm sorry but you're in for a world of pain. If you use coin omi the reason is their wallet. Doesn't support payments. The solution is simple. Let them hear your voice message. Colino me on twitter. It takes five seconds and tell them any pay sent you because they're on the fence right now and your voice will prove that people care about using bitcoin for payments. Go tweet at coin omi now or even better. Leave a review in the app store. They really pay attention there. Thanks the l. r. n. dot. Fm social media channels have been revamped. We've eliminated facebook and focused on other platforms like twitter and mastodon the decentralized alternative to twitter on our accounts you'll find posts from multiple. Fm show hosts together in one place..

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