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I'm Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning Facebook comments of cost a man his seat on the fort worth human relations commission K. R. L. these Andrew Greenstein has our top story the fort worth city council voted unanimously last night to remove Mike steal from the city's human relations commission it comes after steel posted comments on his Facebook page degrading Muslims immigrants and transgender people the very people that the commission is tasked with protecting prior to the vote president Gerald bank senior told the council that still tried to derail the commission's work on race relations in the city Mike do you asus attitude and room personality was strongly shown and a given to be far it should have been address dean but it was care all the has reached out to steal for comment but he has not returned our calls into Greenstein newsradio ten eighty KRLD after pleading guilty to millions and bribery another Dallas County schools officials is headed to court today to find out how he will be sentenced Ricky sorrels fingerprints were all over the scandal that help bring down the Dallas County school system as superintendent he took the lead in drafting everything from phony consulting agreements to fake invoices to steering contracts to the oversight maze all the while sorrels was on the take getting bribes and kickbacks worth three million dollars in order to help a company land a seventy million dollar contract for cameras on school buses this scheme also brought down former Dallas County school board president Larry Duncan and former Dallas mayor pro tem Dwayne caraway sorrels pleaded guilty he could face up to ten years in federal prison LP Phillips news radio ten eighty KRLD Dallas police looking for Ford suspects this morning after a man was shot and killed in his home overnight okay are all these card Lewis has the story Dallas police in DPS troopers were called out last night about eleven thirty they rolled to a home on Penelope street not far from fair park inside they found a man already dead and clear evidence of a home break in they were told they were for intruders and they all got away for the rest of the night true prison officers fanned out around the neighborhood hoping to find someone who might have seen or heard something there's no information on what was behind this home invasion and shooting curlews newsradio ten eighty KRLD after he was shot in Dallas last week in friends of a drag queen performer held a benefit show in Oakland last night Jeffrey hunter and friend Corey Popplewell came under fire Sunday night while driving on I thirty five and I grab my magazine started hurting and it was flat out right now I looked in the mirror and I was like cramping head hunter tells NBC five he and his friend it is performed at the van a lounge in Oaklawn were on their way home Dallas police are still looking for the shooter I site hunters friends held a benefit drag show it J. R.'s bar and grill in Oakland the hold another one Saturday night at the cedar springs tap house now six oh six eight KRLD one of the cowboys biggest offseason acquisitions has suffered a significant injury defensive and Robert Quinn fractured his left hand in practice yesterday in our store in his pre season is done but the cowboys expected to be ready for the regular season opener September eight at home against the giants asked about how the team is progressing the coach Jason Garrett was pragmatic the consistency that you.

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