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Careened into some trees near the mannikin sanded exit off I. sixty four the third person killed is twenty three old Machel foster she was not included in that missing persons report state department of health says the all clear has been given as it relates to the measles scare for people who may have been at Richmond International Airport last Tuesday night or in the eye doctor's office in Midlothian warnings went over the weekend because a person infected with measles was at our I see between the hours of nine eleven forty five on last Tuesday night and that same person was that they held vision M. D. on L. versor drive in Midlothian during of five hour period last Thursday those time frames were important because the virus highly contagious during a two hour period police in des Moines say a woman has been charged with attempted murder assault and a hate crime following a Reese's tirade ABC's ran borough has more to point police say on December night forty two year old the coal Franklin drover S. U. V. up a curve and hit a twelve year old African American boy walking on a sidewalk then drove away he suffered minor injuries half hour later she ran over a fourteen year old Hispanic girl and Clive was walking on a sidewalk that girl suffering injuries but is expected to be fine Franklin told police she did it because the girl was a Mexican the tirade ended at a gas station were Franklin hold racial slurs at the clerk and customers she admitted to police she smoked math hours before she was arrested Bryan Burrough ABC news a state park the borders Kentucky and Virginia wants to build the longest pedestrian swinging bridge in North America the seven earned twenty five foot bridge would cross the Russell fork river and connective Virginia Kentucky sides of breaks interstate park a Virginia coal field economic development authority granted up to four thirty three thousand would help fund the bridge your next news at nine thirty news on demand a news radio W. R. V. A. dot com I'm just able to Richard's news weather and traffic station newsradio WRVA lots going on this morning and even though it is the holidays cuts through the news to keep track of it's nine oh five I'm chasing Rubin for John Reid today and over the next few days so that we are going to take a break tomorrow for it for Christmas and the team I don't I don't know if anybody in the in the station but we will be on will be playing some on some good Christmas programming for years so you can keep the radio on and and as always you can follow us on online at W. R. V. A. dot com if you are familiar any of the interviews that you ever hear on John reed show on the region's warning use you can find it audio on demand you can play those again you can save them you can post them to social media you'll find those on the right side of the homepage you just scroll down to audio on demand and you'll see all of the interviews on from not only today show but going on back I as as well as the latest other special programs and events that are that are happening through the station in the next hour gonna be talking with Mike may about some of the holiday programming on DVD and pay per view that you can head this week and then later in the hour Carol Berg director of the Virginia veteran and family support program talking about how you can of you can handle some issues related to posttraumatic stress disorder that can be especially prevailing during the holiday season but first president of Virginia's kids belong for giving Tuesday and you might also remembered Janet Kelly as the former secretary of the Commonwealth under Bob McDonnell on and and she is now on a new project probably for the what what for the last year for the last two years Janet how long is that in order for years I can't believe it well first of all thanks for being here on the day.

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