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Live from the Matthews Brothers Studios. We've been playing the sound cuts all through the show about the Charlie Parker's latest press conference cities He's cracking down. He's cracking down on step two of phase three or step Four of Phase five. I don't know what it is something like that. He's very angry, though. He's very angry, and he's particularly angry about restaurants. That aren't complying with his idea of proper nutrition. 27. One of the things that's come up a number of times is, um That pretzels and Tater chips. Meet the food service requirement. It clearly doesn't Beer wind. We tried to do with the amendment of the order is make absolutely clear. You need to be serving food that's prepared on site. The people who are in your venue. Need to order and eat food. If they're gonna order a drink each of peace Again. Some of this came out of conversations we had with the A. B. C. C, and some of it came out of conversations we had with some of her colleagues and local government. But that is That is clearly not consistent with the spirit or the intent of what we put in place when we authorized outdoor dining and indoor dining. How many more ways could he be obnoxious the spirit and intent. He eak. He consulted with the ABC see the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission and local government didn't consult with the restaurant owners. What happened to the restaurant reopening? Committee. What happened to those guys? Joining us now on the line is Eric Hynes on he's the owner of several restaurants on the South Shore, including one of our big favorites, Precinct 10 and in Weymouth. Eric, What's your reaction to what happened today? I wonder if, uh you know the seven pretzels in the nursing home? Where do you think? I don't know Why, Howie, I am baffled. I don't know why restaurants take the brunt of the abuse when it comes to, you know the blame for this, you know? Restaurants are, you know, we pride ourselves on being extremely safe. I mean, we were safe before all of this, Um, with health inspections and hannitization practices. That's what we do every day. You know, I'll put the restaurant industry's numbers with regards to Cove. It health figures up against the nursing homes. Let's compare them. Let's also compare how much the restaurant's contributed as opposed to the nursing home operators. I don't think you guys contributed nearly $52,000. Maybe the guy won't stop videos. He tax revenues, though, is a different case, I guess. Yeah, right. Yeah. I mean, we're wanted. I mean, we employ more people in our industry than almost any other industry, Not only in the state, but in the country. So when we're talking Male's tax and we contribute as an industry huge revenue stream to the state and, Ah You know, we've been taken on the chin for months now and you know, with respect to your your comment before about, you know where the restaurant agencies who are trying to reach out to consult with the powers that be I mean, you know, I had a group that tried and you know, there were several other associations of restaurant owners across the state that tried to have a say in how to do things and we were just shut down and every every corner it's been tough..

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