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Overnight, patchy fog and rain, then for the rest of their Sunday that fog will be with us in the morning. It burns off the rest of the day, sunny, humid, high eighty two forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. Traffic and transit on the twos. Sepah has stepped up its safety campaign following the death of a seven-year-old boy on the broad street. Subway last month that story from KYW's Mike DeNardo commuters on the broad street and market Frankford. Lines are seeing and hearing extra safety messages, encouraging riders not to pass between moving trains the announcements in cars on platforms. Followed the September twenty third death of seven-year-old eight and Devlin who fell between cars on the broad street line. Additional yellow and black warning decals were added to train car doors in the days immediately. After the boy's death. Septa assistant GM Jim FOX says they had been planned since summer you go out on our several liar. Five cars and some of our civil of four. We'll see similar warning labels that were already put in place boxes. Gangway design is typical of most American railcars. But he says the transit agency continues to explore ways to make them safer. Mike DeNardo, KYW NewsRadio. It's a party next to the Parkway as one of philidelphia's most popular institutions hosts a block party with a unique twist KYW's Justin Trudeau tells us people will be able to see a mural like they have never seen one before who trucks, a pup a beer, Gordon, and even a live art exhibit or part of the Barnes on the block party taking place Sunday from four to eight PM gonna be a very fun artistic life or day is Kathleen green with the Barnes foundation explains. The free event is also a chance for them m yards Philadelphia to show off a mural. That's first of its kind.

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