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Colorado thousands have already been evacuated in New Mexico It's 8 48 And back to Jack Taylor now on the traffic center Good news in Virginia We had an overnight crash in purcellville that closed route 9 between cider mill road and stony point road The crash cleared quite some time ago but the utility crews had been on scene now they've cleared the down pole and wires So now you're traveling once again open en route 9 moving through purcellville You'll find staying in Virginia We've got a delay on the interloop of the beltway Braddock right up toward two 36 then we've got some trouble in the express lanes as you head up towards 66 just after exit 49 the wreck reported to be along the left side of the roadway Slowing again right there at the toll road headed up toward the legion bridge the culprit for this delay thankfully now gone there had been some activity in Bethesda on the inner loop ramp to river road from a vehicle fire that had closed the ramp the ramp has been reopened the vehicle has been removed so at least at this point everything is open Beltway Maryland big delay on the inner loop south of town begins a branch avenue headed to a point just before saying Barnabas road that crash clean up along the left side of the roadway got some brief outer loop rubber necking Topside out of loop will slow from 95 over toward George avenue We've got our troubles to speak of now colesville road near noise drive Silver Spring You'd been under direction around a crash going just into the district line New Hampshire avenue in your South Dakota avenue crashing the intersection follow their lead The work zone in the district causing delays D.C. two 95 northbound up near Pennsylvania avenue Watch on 16th street at upshire street northwest Again a crash in the intersection college that were going northbound said southbound traffic is diverting at varnum street to at least we know that closure In Virginia three 95 north near seminary road crash along the right side then a wreck in the express lanes north near boundary channel drive staying single file left to get by Lane is now open 66 going east out in your 50 fairfax from an earlier crash new travel down near nutley street in the eastbound 66 stretch It's a broken down truck in the left center lane Jiffy lube service centers keep you moving from oil changes and tire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services Visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location near you Jack Taylor WTO Traffic All right let's check our forecast mics Jennifer It's a little different in different places this morning but right here we've got some bright beautiful sunshine Yeah it's really nice right along the I 95 corridor but much of.

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