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F B que deputy involves shooting in Tracy late last night, deputies arrived on scene after a call about a burglary in process. It's not clear what exactly happened. But a San Joaquin county sheriff's deputy opened fire on a suspect that person was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries and is now under arrest deputies and Tracy police officers have Crispin road shutdown just north of eleventh while they searched for a second suspect and continue their investigation. New laws in California are making for tighter restrictions on gun. Ownership laws went into effect that will prevent people convicted of domestic violence from owning firearms for life as well. As those committed to a mental institution more than once a year rifles, and shotguns can no longer be bought by people under the age of twenty one unless they have a hunting license or are involved in law enforcement or the military. A lot of people making a lot of resolutions. But if one of yours is to stop drinking or using drugs man, by the name of Michael Moulton, has some inspirational words he wants to share with you molten says he was arrested twenty seven times before he truly began trying to overcome his addiction. Now is the host of the m to the rock podcast on iheartradio. He's telling his story to help others who are currently struggling to share my experience strength and hope and I share solutions that I'm using that keep me clean and sober today. Maltin says one of the most important steps he took on the path to recovery is to realize he had a disease and that he needed to be treated for it. We have to self diagnose arches the saying that I am powerless over alcohol and drugs, and that my wife is unbearable as a result of that. He says he continues to stay clean by staying positive and sharing his experience with others. You can hear more of molten spot cast on iheartradio or at 'em to the rock dot com. Mike blunt, NewsRadio KFB PK. Now says new horizon spacecraft is sending back images of the most distant objects ever seen from the earth. Guitarist Brian May of Queen who is an astrophysicist himself wrote this song to celebrate yesterday's lie by of ultimately, which is four billion miles from earth yet.

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