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Actually I work part time so two days a week and then the rest of the time. I'm home with the kids. Aren't you okay coming up too so two hundred and sixty thousand eight years. I'm looking at this. You must have paid off your house. We dare people weird people out. There will be more of a mortgage. Their whole is not not you guys know very very cool well. Here's what's interesting our team obviously new you're coming and Zack Bennett one of our top production guys combed back through the Archives Archives of the Dave Ramsey and there's actually a phone call from you five years ago this month years ago exactly so you call. We're GONNA play play a short clip from that right now. Let's hear James Home that we've had we. We have not tried to sell it but I just hear horror stories about people trying to sell their house and taking a law within the markets goodwill the markets bad with real estate is Hawaiian hot on fire and going up where the real estate's the tank and not doing well and people are taking on their home. It doesn't change the discussion you still pay off your home because in either case you're better off when you get to baby step six and you're ready to pour on and pay off the house you know pay the thing off as fast as you can get sitting there with a paid for house in the next five or ten years is going to put you in such a place to win long term. I mean it is such a wonderful place to be. Hey thanks for the call so you call in and ask if you should pay off your house so it's GonNa take you five to ten years eight years later here you stand. We are yeah or five years. I hear you saying that so crazy. I didn't I remembered calling but I thought there's no way that they they wouldn't actually we thought there's no way but we have a magic weapon Zach comb through all that stuff and found that that's absolutely cool so I mean that just that's inspiring to me to sit here and go take a call lady says can she should you pay for and you can do it. You can do it and here you stand yeah. I love it here so tell people. How old are you two and thirty four? I'm thirty five and you're a paid for house. What's the house worth probably around two to twenty five something like how cool so tell people? They think this is impossible. How do you do that? I mean it took years from the time you started five years into it. You called three years into it. You call me which means you were kind of finishing up the other debt probably okay and so out of the two sixty. How much was the house itself when sixty five okay all right so what's the trick to getting out of debt? You did it your rockstars. There's really no trick. Honestly we followed college program. <hes> our debt really consisted of a car loan at twenty thousand student loans at seventy five.

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