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Prop part of your denver nuggets felony participating colorado of wyoming locations look mouth but poor parched mouth or g for lunch chalk dust did you face storm a sandcastle you're being awfully quiet is that because your mouth feels like the business end of a drama saw there's a because you're mouches wrote a haikou in all seventeen syllables or dry heaves right now your mouth to baton bathing refreshing citrus kick of mountain dew instead of feels like yuban motorboating king touch sarcophagus sure some mercy crack open an ice cold mountain dew you know your mouth wants you to do the do the all game three of 9 from the floor utah's three of seven the jazz are fresh off of a time out the inbound goes from rubio on the elbow to favours guarded by millsap help defense there from yokich if he wants it puts the basketball on the floor starts backing down no sapping the paint fade away eightfooter jumpers up it is tend to seven is the lead now joke jump shot joe johnson comes enduring the time out for the rookie donovan mitchell wilson chandler has it to kerry hair's behind the 3point line through the window he gets yokich in a pain against door bear goes up under little flip shot is up good rebound swat it out by ghobeire right too ingles outlook pass i'm sorry mitchell live there has the basketball faked a shot turnaround voters up and that will now rodney hood to the scorer's table for the utah jazz crossover loop bajamal murray behind the back left handed over to yokich another post up for gobert gobert tries to poke check doesn't get it goes back on top to harass long three jumper second one of the first order gets cut the lead down to to its 1210 donovan mitchell has it up the left wing top of the key over johnson rightside swing pastic ingles now back on top to rubio inside the arc johnson guarded by mills sat back the ingles will try to three the lefty missed it in the rebound comes down to mills up again for denver bill sap has it up the rightwing barton and plumbly off the bench for denver millsap eurostep got fouled made the rauner over go pair and he'll go to the free throw line for war.

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