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We pick you up whenever we pick you up and then take your I don't either radio station to do it all on a hundred percent ready to do it all myself this is a this is a an L. O. D. exclusive event yeah like you will be just way to say thank you very much for keeping me here so that I can use my position to help other people and to provide for my family obviously it just means a lot to me that I'm able to stay here and I'd like to be able to show some of that appreciation with a skating party it's just there are certain obstacles that are proving to be bigger than hurdles but not quite as big as mountains so we'll get there think of blues doing bad things to people did you happen to see V. dash cam of that former child protective services supervisor from analysis she got pulled over in the afternoon and she tried to get that special privilege from cop to cop man try to get like a pass and they've got the dash cam AC super attractive but be what she's asking this cop to do is is pretty repulsive check this out as from by ABC action news in more questions after being arrested for allegedly driving drunk she has since been fired but it's what she did on camera during the arrest that is now at the center of a criminal case against her tonight is all results breaking this story obtaining the new dashcam video county Debbie Sault Samantha chronic right here in the area of US nineteen year countryside mall abroad you're crazy if you drive on US nineteen sober I was driving that road last week because I was stopping to see Fran Haas before I came to work that is one insane stretch of roadway when you're not drunk to drive this road in me appreciated that takes a special level of malice and ignorance and especially if you are tasked with using your discretion and judgment to affect children and families you can't be do adviser does show her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit this dash cam footage obtained by ABC action news shows the reason deputy suspected Samantha chronic of driving drunk already one of our child protection supervisor for the Pinellas county sheriff's office admits she just came from a bar.

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