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Steve cave. In president. Trump says the US needs Saudi Arabia in the fight against terrorism. Administration officials urging patients in the investigation into kashogi disappearance secretary of state Pompeo says the Saudis deserve more time to investigate with very direct conversations about this seriousness of this. How serious President Trump is taking this seriously. United States will take this still when asked about what punishment the US was prepared to deliver Pompeo stressed the importance of the US Saudi relationship, I could go on about places where the Saudis and the Americans are working together. Those are important elements of US national policy, including said containing the threat from Iran. Cami McCormick CBS news, Washington. Turkish officials are now searching the residents of the Saudi console to Istanbul and Turkey says it has evidence kashogi was killed some trouble today aboard first lady Melania. Trump's flight to Philadelphia CBS's. Steven Portnoy about ten minutes into the flight smoke, was smelled on board. Passengers were given wet towels to put over their faces in case the smoke became too, strong, the first lady's plane returned to joint base Andrews where it landed safely. The incident was blamed on a minor mechanical issues still no sign of a missing thirteen year old Wisconsin, girl. Jamie Kloss vanished over the weekend. Her parents were found dead in the family home. Diane Tremblay, the local school superintendent says she's a sweet quiet girl. Jamie wrote down one of her assignments in response to the question. What would you do if you were given a million dollars? She said feed the hungry and give the rest of the poor Pennsylvania lawmakers in their final voting day of the year have no resolution to change legal time limits for victims of child sex abuse, attorney general Josh Shapiro who oversaw the grand jury probe that uncovered decades of abuse wants action eliminating the criminal statute.

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