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And they're not motivated and they want stuff given to them and so I I I you know this is gonna be a problem but if you have a job if you choose to hang on to the money rather than go back to work go back to your job because you're making more than you know it would be poetic justice if you lose your job here's a text how will the coronavirus affect football for the fall I don't know I mean there's no way to answer that question at this point here's a Texas says some what the hell was going on at the blue crab yesterday looks like a party out looks like a party under the Jack they'll create a spike well I don't know why it is the is the the blue crab pressure but at the end Orleans parish I don't know I don't I I I I wasn't there so I don't I don't know I'm sorry tell me who we have on on Pandora you're on WWL Hey Pandora welcome to the show thank you if this gets screwed I'm still continues yeah this morning they had a lady that comes on weekly on Debbie Debbie L. I was saying that the met you you were better off maintaining distance and breathing fresh air because you bring to the staffing and then I'm more believe this guy from Taiwan this is they were in there and didn't get it but my my question is why are such confusing things coming on the radio I don't know you know I just decided well maybe I didn't have to wear a mask could be better if I didn't because I'm seventy three years old and then I believe this guy now from Taiwan so I will wear my manner during his life yeah it's look it's it's it's confusing and there's a lot of confusing there's a lot of confusing information not just on the radio but but everywhere coming from a house on the east coast yeah only listen to W. W. L. on the radio but many of these many of the things that you're hearing aren't are not from like official well the from experts are for people who have expertise but there are their opinions on how to handle it okay good so it was all right it could be anybody given an opinion won't sometimes on sometimes yes sometimes on the radio and somebody just giving giving an opinion Pandora have to get your break provides called the show and you are stay safe you.

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