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Yeah i've been thinking about When it comes time to get organized you know i i. I'm always putting it out there for everybody else. But i do need to like focus more on myself and my organization and just brand myself and and the things that i got going on because i do need to stop using my personal social media preventing about things because i i miss my social and nothing personal bob. My social media post about my kids. I don't tag my kids and status. I don't post no pictures. nothing. I have a teenage daughter when i at her in my snapchat she'll get like thirty requests from dudes that are brown my age. She sixteen So you can't know that personal stuff is out the window. Get about still posting pictures. That zoo my seven year old. I don't time No people got people got too much free time to do too much screen shot. Do this do that. And i'm not with it so are just choose to stay out of it because recite harm somebody. I respect i will touche. I respect it. I will thank you for coming in and sitting with me. I'm sorry it took so long for us to get here. I feel like we've been talking about this for some months. Now we have. But then the other day when i see you live. I was like okay. That's it. I'm done with this lake. I feel like. I'm glad that we waited. You know what. I'm saying so that you could be able to put some you know. Put your story out there and reach out to other women. Even if nothing happens for you. I hope that somebody else avoids that happening to them because you did speak up. I mean something's going to happen for me. That that that i know and that i can't confirm charges are going out in person. That person is going to have to face the music in regards to what happened to me. Definitely as he should but in As as my individual but but as far as the other victims that are messaging me that are in my inbox and that are afraid. Like you know. don't be afraid. Come forward because you know. I like i said. I talked to the police a year ago and nobody knew that house the police or knew anything about anything going on until i just said some so having conversations doesn't necessarily have to involve police if they're not comfortable going to the police to file charges. That's okay but tell your story. Yeah tell you even if you say if you wanna write it down i read it right. I mean i yeah. Read it because you don't have to put no name on it like i met. I met i met some amid a couple people like online. But i just and they came out. They came out when they came out. A couple of people came to the courthouse. Goods news came out. There was like what is this lady. How what's your frank science but yeah right right under the door outside the courthouse okay..

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