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He really did not get you know the targets that i was expecting him to get even with cd in the line of and even going down made it a lot worse so yeah. I'm not really as high on michael gallup's have been now with cd lamb in the fold. So moving on to some other players tyler lockett. He's another guy. I'm not really as high on as i have been because the boomer boss stuff really that really hurts his fantasy stock that that really does because he's a guy that definitely can be productive and has proven it and when i traded him to my friend last year and he had that forty five point. Performance against the cardinals. You know. that's a good tyler lockett but there are times. We're tired walking at two points or he gets nothing and i know that is something that not a lot of people want on their fantasy team. I just don't i. It's just you know i don't want that. You know i could definitely be affleck's option and of course he's going to have as good games this year one hundred percent but the boomer bus stuff is very concerning and it is something that i wanna stay away from. So he's somebody that i think. We'll see a decrease in fantasy stock. You know it's somebody that i definitely could see having an increase in fancy stock. This year is tj hopkinson and the reason for that is when you look at the detroit lions you know weapons bershad. Paramount tiro williams. They drafted a wide receiver. Saint brown you know it. It's not great receiving core. And you know the running backs i think you're going to play a pivotal role this year. Swift and jamaal williams in goth is gonna definitely need a security blanket and tj hodkinson. Is that guy. Jared goff loves tight ends. You know we had good tight ends in hague gerald everett. Now he comes over to detroit where he's going to be playing with. Probably you know arguably the best tight end that i think he's you know ever played with since you know entering the league. I think tj hogson is better than higby and gerald ever. But we're just gonna have to wait and see but you know if teaching hodkinson is the guy that you know. Jared goff security blanket definitely could see him having a rise in fantasy stock going into this season so a guy that i definitely see you know. Fantasy stock decreasing is michael. Thomas and michael. Thomas was fantastic in two thousand nineteen he was. He was my I believe he was my. He's my second pick. I pick todd gurley and todd. Gurley did not have his best season after he was insane in twenty eighteen but had girly. And then dr michael thomas and michael. Thomas was amazing. He had a great season last year. You know he dealt with injuries and just you know was not. He was not a good wide receiver last year. And fantasy and didn't have a touchdown until the playoffs you know. And that's just. That is on michael. Thomas lake now. He's injured again and it. It's really gonna be it's gonna be tough for him so it. This is a guy that went like in the you know the first second round. Now he's getting. I mean who knows where he's going to be taken now that he's not even going to be playing the first couple of games of the season. You know so michael. Thomas is definitely another guy that is going to be going to see a decrease in fantasy value. And it's unfortunate because he is really good wide receiver. It's just you know he's not he can't he hasn't been able to stay healthy now. In ou- he got injured last year. Now he's injured again and he's gonna miss some time so it's just It's unfortunate because this guy can be a valuable asset to a team and the saints definitely need him because they really do not. Have you know a lot of weapons outside him. Other than kamara you know. So they're gonna they're gonna have to figure something out but michael. Tom is definitely a guy. That's going to be taken much later in drafts. And i and i think you really gotta wait to have a whole team before picking him up as a right now So another guy that. I think that you know. I'm kind of low on and fantasy is odell beckham junior and also jujubes. Smith's user odell just for some reason you know i mean he's coming off of the injury though. I do think he's incredibly talented. And i think he is a good wide. Receiver for fantasy just lacks consistency. And that's really the main reason why. I think that he's a guy that you know should be going late in fantasy drafts. Obviously deeper leagues. It's different but i think he's a guy that should be going late in fantasy drafts just because he really just you know with the browns. I don't think he has really hasn't piece it. All together had then sane. Game against the cowboys. I know that and definitely can have those games where he does really well for fantasy but i feel the lack of consistency is why i'm not as high on him. And i think a lot of people would agree with that so he's one wide receiver that i'm not as high on. Also you got juju. Smith schuster i just. He's another guy. I just do not trust you know in fantasy. I mean look at his numbers. I mean he actually didn't do too bad in fantasy last year. But i think a lot of that had to do with the he did. He did actually did have a decent amount of touchdowns last year to against the giants. He had once had three four five. Six seven eight nine nine touchdowns last year. That definitely inflated numbers and some of these games. But i don't know he's just a guy that you know i just don't trust him i just don't i like the other wide receivers. I like the andre johnson. I like his increase in fantasy stock. This year i like the increase in fantasy. Stock of deontay johnson. I think those guys you that you take those guys over juju. I'm sorry. I just don't i just don't trust you you i really don't and just all the tick tock stuff is just ridiculous you know i just feel like you know. It's a separate issue but yeah that all that stuff is ridiculous but yeah. I liked the other wide receivers of the steelers more than i liked jujio and then another guy that i'm high on this year. The tight end for the washington. Football team logan thomas. I really think he is going to have a good season with fitzpatrick overall. I think all the weapons or we're going to see an increase in fantasy stock on washington. Because i feel like fitzpatrick. I though i have talked about. You know the inconsistencies with fitzpatrick. I think that when he's on he could be on an definitely will help out this offense a lot because these weapons are really talented. And they just need a quarterback and ryan fitzpatrick could be that guy to provide him. You know provide some civility at the quarterback position at least for a season. I don't expect it to be for that long because you know. He is in his late thirties. But we'll have to see another guy high on robert. Tanya n- had a really great season with rogers last year you know scored a touchdown in five straight games. He's my fantasy tight end again for my dynasty league. So you know. I think that he's going to do well. Especially now rogers coming back. That definitely helps him immensely. So he's a guy. I'm high on Hit you're going gonna see a rise in fantasy stock for him. You're gonna see a rise in fantasy stock. For chase edmunds kenyan. Drake is no longer there. And james connor is unfortunately injury prone. So i think chase. Edmunds is definitely going to be a guy that will see an increase. You know where. He is drafted A guy that. I'm kind of low on while i am low on his brand cokes. I mean it's just unfortunate because he plays for the texans and their quarterback situation right now is a complete mess and i don't i just feel like when you look at anybody on the texans it just you don't really want to you. Don't wanna take anybody i mean. I just wanna stay away from them. So i just. I don't even want to bother with anybody from taxes unless to shawn watson does play. That's a different story. But you know brandon coaxes another guy that i'd wanna stay away from. So you know other guys here. Darrell henderson now. With the injury to cam acres. I think he is going to see an increase in fantasy value You know because the rams really don't have any other options right now. They do have other running backs on the team. But you know we don't really know how they're going to be. They definitely got look outside the box and try to maybe get you know somebody else in there. You know to help out running back situation. But yeah i definitely can see I definitely see henderson. Seeing having an increase in fantasy value especially playing for the rams and the rams are going to be a good team this year. I think the cam acres injury does stink. And it's really going to affect them..

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