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Here's what's different here is that the Americans are saying we will withdraw. That's the. A big part here for the Taliban to say that we won't let Al Qaeda in anymore. They said that ten years ago. One guy told me the Americans are finally starting to listen in the sense that they won't let ISIS end is ridiculous. They are fighting ISIS. So there's really nothing new here in the Taliban part. The Americans are basically saying we are going to leave. Now, it's up to the Taliban. Will they talk to the Afghan government? That's key. Now, February twenty fifth. They're gonna meet again in Doha, if the Taliban agreed to talk to the Afghan government, that's huge, Emily. I want to move to Iran because one of the president's areas of conflict with his Intel chiefs as we mentioned was Iran's compliance with the JCP away the Iran nuclear deal now Europe for their part have announced what they're calling a special purpose vehicle when I first saw this. I thought it was some kind of hybrid electric car. Of course, it isn't. This is a pretty complicated in sort of ingenious. International business strategy that Europeans seemed to be using to show the world that they don't approve of the president's position on Iran. I mean, we'll see how ingenious the SP actually turns out to be. They first announced this back at the UN general assembly in September. Tell me what it is sure. The special purposes vehicle essentially, a mechanism through which the Europeans who want to keep the J C P O alive are going to continue humanitarian trade with Iran. It's basically supposed to allow them to avoid direct financial transactions. Right. So to avoid US sanctions. However, the US has sort of said, well, you know, if if if we extend secondary sanctions right or extend the interpretation of how we're sanctioning. We could also hit the SP. Well, here's the vice president of the European Union commission. Frederica Moga Rini talking about the SPD's you call it the nuclear deal with it on an economic components now denies from the lifting of the sanctions donated to nuclear activities, and so this that's a Germany and the UK. I'm going to announce a few hours is the establishment of the special purpose vehicle is I believe the mechanism that we allow for legitimate trade to continue s forseeing in. So emily. This is the European setting up kind of a bit of a shell game sort of a way to to move move the buckets around to avoid US policy here. I mean, they're trying to make it worth it for Iran to stay in this deal. Right. So if that means that they can use this mechanism to continue trait of medicine trade of food to to continue to to sort of soften the blow that the Iranian economy has has taken since the US pulled out of the JCP away. Then they're going to do this. I would add that the US has been credibly dismissive of this vehicle since it was announced. Right. They're saying it's not actually going to allow you to do serious trade. It's not going to offset are leaving the deal. And what we're about to see is is who's right right now. This was always a risk wasn't it because the Iran deal wasn't between the United States in Iran. It was the p five..

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