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With the response to the covert flu and so much around it. It's 800 to 82288 to just enjoy chatting with you. And I know the rest of Russia's audience enjoys hearing from Russia's audience. Dr Fauci is continuing. His ever evolving positions on things. Ever evolving, But always since he determined that this is the walking dead, combined with the stand combined with with with smallpox, combined with all these things, the deadliest virus known in the history of the world, albeit You know, with the 99.87% overall survival rate. Smallpox. I think killed 60% of the people who got it before they figured out that they could use what cowpox, expose people to a lesser variants of the virus and prepare their immune systems. Dr Fauci. Says that face masks could become concessional after the covert flu. Just up Fun fact. You know what? Still fooling around in the air? Spanish flu. Still floating out there. Don't freak out. We've developed Immune systems that can respond to this what we have immune systems that develop responses to that. Watch this man. Just continue to evolve these positions. It's astonishing. Astonishing because The Fact of the matter is his own organization published one of the most robust pieces of work about masks ever. They observed multiple Multiple Controlled randomized trials. Where people had confirmed Upper respiratory influencing They confirmed it. They observed people in home settings. Apartment settings in work settings and believe it or not, they observe people on a pilgrimage to Mecca. At no time. Did these masks inhibit the transmission of these viruses? But Fauci know says these are going to be seasonal. There are College students from U Mass. Amherst, suspended for not wearing masks off campus. There was a track athlete in Oregon High School young woman in high school who passed out Because she had the where awoke mask running a race. And we're still with this mask thing, and that Fauci saying, Well, it might be a bit of a tradition like Santa Claus toe put on a face diaper and just it's think of it as a way of off just remembering me, Dr Tony Fauci, and it will be an opportunity for you to think about me and talk about me. And just focus on me during the Christmas season. I could see that happening, Could you Then there's this. Was talking this weekend to a woman whose son has A kind of mystery heart condition and he wants to play football. He's a young man in high school. Let's play football. His cardiologists his heart doctor. Typed a letter to the school, saying this young man should not wear a mask when he plays football. The response to the school is basically well. Sticks and stones were break some bones, but you're You're just a name day. You're not even stay are our superintendent. She disappeared day solar. This woman's in this position of her young son. Young man wants to play football and he's willing to risk his life to do that. The mom may not be willing to have her son suffer heart attack. Then along the lines of Fauci. In Ontario, Canada, doctors are forbidden from contradicting the covert narrative. They're forbidden from that that that doctor who wrote that note on behalf of his of his patient, saying this human being should not wear a mask. That's now illegal. It's not illegal, but it's going to be punished by the the college of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. How do I know because it's on their website. So doctors are no longer What are we going to outlaw doctors discussing cases you know, doctors will will come together sometimes, and they have discussions about a particular patients Predicament. We'll share idea that not not in ends on our intern Ontario. Why do you need doctors? If the narrative is the cure, just going and repeat the narrative. You got someone in there, starving for oxygen there a pox IQ. Their lips are blue. Just go in and say, Well, really, What you're feeling is just concerned that you're not near enough me. Maybe we could just have screens of the pouch in these in these, That might be it. My arm's broken well, it might be broken, but really what we might be dealing with this some side effects of the covert flow. Found. She's gonna prove to be years from now, In my opinion, one of the most deceptive people In the history of country. Perhaps most harmful. Yeah. Here you go this week. Rush was right here behind Hiss on Lee Rush has the golden the heavy microphone, pointing out the contradictions coming from Fauci and others on this topic, and he was right on When it came to the disproportionate amount of attention this doctor was getting at the time, including some journalists, calling Fauci the sexiest man alive. Absurdity unfold display. Here's the Ma ha on that topic. I have a Story here of PJ Media Neurosurgeon says facemasks posed serious risk. To healthy people. Again. The story written by Meghan, I think this Megan Fox Babe, she does nothing but write stories. PJ Media Seems like I quote from her four times a day. Which is fine. Don't misunderstand. Every Karen on Facebook is shaming her neighbors for not wearing a face mask. You've heard about this right? Snitches. Bunch of Blue State governors are actually asking citizens to snitch on people not wearing masks, not practicing social distancing hanging around closer than six ft. Two people going places they shouldn't go and these people have names, nicknames. They're called Karen's. And they're deploying on Facebook there snitching on people identifying them on Facebook. And so she writes you every one of these snitches every Karen On Facebook is shaming her neighbors for not wearing a face mask. We're being told by governors That if we don't wear the face mask were selfish were horrible. We have no souls. We want grandmother die a horrible death. Police are tackling people who don't wear the masks properly in the subway. Grocery stores of throwing massless people out denying them service. But now there's another doctor weighing in. Besides Dr Fauci, Bonified, sex, God and ruler of us all. Now, you may not understand her reference thereto, Bonified Sex God, but it's because some idiot Female journalists and Vanity Fair or New York or whatever. Proclaimed Fauci the sexiest man alive. Not that long ago, so that's her snide reference. The doctor Fauci is a bona fide sex god. Dr. Fauci, by the way, has also said Face masks. Are largely security theater. And of no use to the healthy Now comes Dr Russell Blaylock and neurosurgeon has written an editorial addressing Healthy people wearing masks. To protect themselves from covert 19..

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