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And to doing our evidence review Bob controlling a band on that a little bit more. yeah I thought I'd say seven basically it's like you know I mean I haven't written you know I think yeah we definitely made a lot of progress in a boat there's always room for more progress in you know as thank you know do go along and I mean we see a lot of progress since you know like when like ghost hunters of some popular room when it first came out you know and and all those years and you know things just burned you know and so a lot of opportunity yeah the interest to certainly did not only the interest but the the ability to have these conversations in an open forum really blossomed. in the show's started particularly ghost hunters because prior to that it was more of you know blow back room talker kinda whispered to the sign Hey I think I saw a ghost kind of thing and now people are much more able to have these conversations in public and and actually have a discussion about it which makes it makes that progress alone we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll cut will continue our conversation we're talking with Brian Clune and Bob Davis tonight it's beyond reality radio. the cremation society of Minnesota is always. in home wifi that.

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