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Say thank you very much. Free xi jinping of you're saving the world thank you. Thank you for being vaccinated. That's really it right. There's i could have made a vaccine and then if no one took it then it wouldn't even matter and so it's really at this point the duty is on the people who are being vaccinated. So thank you. What would you like to ask matthew and joan at this point in their experience. You know i just i just want to in the same way that you got your information and you transfer that to your mom. I just want to make sure that if people ask you questions about the vaccine that you are transparent and honest and that you remind people of all the information that you got that day in the town hall so that we can this snowball effect rolling and continue to get people vaccinated in the same way matthew. What are you gonna tell your friends and family. If they're wondering about getting the vaccine go ahead and get it done. It's not going to get a. It's not that bad not that bad. That's the that's the review so far matthew. Mallory i cannot thank you enough first of all for coming to the town hall. You've been a great lesson for so many millions of people. now. Dr jones see fas. Matthew's mother thank you very much for joining him. Today and dr kizzee. Corbett never ever be able to thank you enough. But i'm going to thank you once again for joining us and doing this today. Docu choosy corporate. Thank you very much. thank you all. We really appreciate this. This has been a great day. Thank you very much thank you. I'm back here. We have much more ahead in the next hour including texas state representative jessica gonzalez. Who will join us on the democrats stopping a voter suppression bill in texas. Last night she will be our first guest when our coverage continues in the next hour. Good evening. I'm donald with our special memorial day edition of the last word. Democrats in texas have blocked a republican bill to restrict voting rights late last night. Democrats in the texas house. Representatives blocked republican legislation which the new. York times describes as a far-reaching election. Law that would install some of the most rigid voting restrictions in the country and cement the state as one of the hardest in which to cast a ballot democrats in the texas house of representatives. Walked out before a midnight voting deadline which denied republicans the quorum that they needed to vote on the legislation. The republican governor of texas greg abbott. Who is up for reelection. Next year has said he will call a special session to get. The bill passed the legislation. Democrats blocked senate bill. Seven would add new restrictions on absentee voting give more authority to partisan poll-watchers ban early voting on sunday mornings which is when many black churches encourage souls to the polls immediately. After sunday morning services. The bill would also reduce evidence requirements for overturning an election ban drive thru voting and band twenty four hour voting which was used for the first time in two thousand twenty in harris county home to a growing number of democratic voters after texas. Democrats blocked the bill. They spoke in front of a baptist church in austin because one of the last minute republican additions to the bill was to allow early voting on sundays. Only from one pm to nine pm. Democratic texas state cars wound. jessica gonzales. Who is also the vice chair of the texas house. Elections committee said this when this bill came to the floor. We thought that we were going to be able to have a serious conversation. A real conversation because this bill every single person in the state of texas including republicans. We were told time and time again. But the secretary of state that our elections were safe and secure and so really. This is just a witch hunt. It's a witch hunt that is aimed at people of color. We're going back. Centuries leading off our discussion this hour democratic state give jessica gonzalez whose district includes parts of dallas. Thank you very much for joining us tonight. After you're late night last night When did you make this decision Two walkout and deny a quorum. Well you know. These discussions began throughout the day. I'm even a couple of days before we knew this man spills and get to the floor. It was unclear when it would actually get to the four but Republicans chose.

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