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Good field of 6 going the post and it brings back last year's winning colors Victor. She's making her first start of 2022. Yeah, in the last couple of years and bell's the one in Kentucky, both the keenland and Churchill has been one heck of a rivalry. It will not continue unfortunately on Monday as bells the one is going to take a pass after running. Not too long ago, but maybe she needs a bit more time. I haven't heard any news from the pest and camp. I imagine that's a lot of times in racing new news is good news. So imagine that bribe will be rivalry will be renewed at some point. All that being said, Wisconsin who've in the intro one O 8 and change look. I think 6 furlongs at Churchill downs is her best ball game. She crushed in this race last year, she won by over three lengths. And even though the situation is a little bit different, this is our first race in a while, and she might need a race. I just think that Greg foley's mayor, written by Tyler gaff Leo and is just too good for this bunch. She has really, really, she's very versatile, but generally as she turns to tends to lie very close, get first run on them. I expect her to kick a few legs clear at the 8 pole and it would take a heck of an effort to mow her down and that effort will usually come from bells the one and she's not in your side. I think it's just too difficult to oppose the three horse constant in here. You know, better assured price in a long face. All right, I'm going to agree with everything you said. This is just far less of a field that she's facing than what she's normally runs against. Let's face it. There's no bells the one in here. There's no game, no CC, no Monday call. Frank's rockette, any of these other big names that would normally be in the same starting gate Wisconsin are not here in the winning colors. She's facing a bunch of up and comers. She's where they all want to be. I'm with you, bob. I find it tough to beat her. I don't want to take sub even money on her as far as a win bet, but I am Wisconsin fan. By the way, trainer Greg foley, who does a great job all the way around, actually excels maybe the most at these extended layoff returners. I think he's winning at about a 14 to 16% overall over the last few years. He's up to 17% with these layoff runners. So basically means when they return they're ready to fire their best shot and best shot is better than this field can handle bob and I both think she gets the job done. In the grade three winning colors race 8 on the Monday card at Churchill. Let's jump over to the lone star state. In fact, we're going to go to lone star park, where they've got a big day of racing on Monday afternoon, including the $300,000 Texas Derby for the three year olds going a mile and a 16th on their main track, field of 8 coming together here, bob, morning line favorite drawn out on the outside is the safi Joseph junior trainee AP's secret. Yeah, I know they put up $300,000 for the Texas Derby and I think they're team and their stakes coordinator did a good job. I've got a really interesting field of 8, I think that once this race is run, there'll be some interesting three year olds to follow from the screw. Definitely looks like a couple that have the potential to climb the ladder a little bit. So it's definitely a race worth watching. AP secret looks like a very talented horse, he seems especially with the short run into the first turn, although his amount of 16th as opposed to the next race we'll talk about, which is a mile. AP secret could get hung around the first turn. He's tends to do his best work going one turn. So the two turns, I think, might be as undoing. Although safi Joseph, of course, puts up incredible numbers and Edwin Gonzalez and other young writer to watch in this country. I love cover me cover me up in here. The 7 horse has been working really well. He's got good tactical speed. Giroud rise of Richard Baltus, he was a good second and a very quickly run allowance race at Churchill downs behind the horse that really impressed me in the Preakness of worst a completely under the radar even after the Preakness that Kenny mcpeak train creative minister a horse that will be interested to see if he turns up in the Belmont. But anyways, I think that covered me up got beat by a good horse and in his career covered me up said to face the likes of messier ironworks coordination American sanctuary. You won't see anything like that in here, including AP secret. And I think at three to one in the morning line, if he's anywhere close to that, he's a very good play. All right, so bob likes cover me up who I also think has a big chance. I didn't get past AP's secret, similar reasons to why you like cover me up. I just think he's been facing better competition, whether it's Moe donegal, early voting simplification, horses like that. He really isn't shaming himself against those better horses. And I think that that wood memorial this year came up as a really highly rated race. Who won the race, came back and ran a better than looked effort in The Kentucky Derby after trying to overcome a very tough trip in a very tough post. Of course, early voting who was second in the wood memorial came back and easily won the Preakness Skippy long stocking didn't run a bad race in the pretense. He's probably headed for the Belmont. None of those in here AP secrets my top pick in the Texas Derby race 11 Monday at lone star. The featured race on the Memorial Day card at lone star park is their 12th race, the grade three Steve Sexton mile. We've got a big field of ten how'd you see it? Yeah, I think it's a race that's got a lot of speed in it. And especially if a lector turns up, you know, which he very, it'll be interesting to see what he does. Because that definitely definitely changes the face of this race because he's a major pace factor in here. And what would be his two turn debut? From the 5 hole, the 8 horse shaz is interesting. He rates just off the pace. I think he's got a big shot. It just looks like it's going to be a really, really live pace. I'm sort of amazed at one of our old friends rated our superstars made 61 starts. Virtually all of them in the Midwest and this will be his first race Everett lone star park. Obviously he's done his best work at Oak Lawn. And then in recent years, at least he's left Oakland park for owner Danny Caldwell and who Prairie Meadows, he does not seem to perform as well at praying Meadows. I don't know if that means you just needs a break or he just doesn't like the track..

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