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Name is Bob Randolph. Emily Taylor. On the other side, the last Master control we've got the band back together. I know I love it. It's starting to feel a little more normal on a Saturday for me now. Yes, in this fall weather. It's perfect. Yeah. Oh, fall with Game day, baby. Hey, Buckeyes Air back. I know you're so excited because you love football. My gosh, I know it so well. You are such a sports fanatic. Yes. I mean, I've been to your house and mean It's football, every sports every. No, it's not now. No, it's not even close to that. But any out, So it's his game. I do enjoy producing for our pre game for Matt McCoy. Yes, and they are going to be on. Ah, little bit later here this morning. Nine o'clock. Is when they'll be on because game is noon today. And that's on Fox 28. Just in case she don't know where don't find it. I won't watch that. But he does. You know what I appreciate is mad, knows a lot and does not judge me on my questions. Matt has never been judged. You know, I've known Matt for Oh, gosh, 25 6 70 is somewhere in that neighborhood. Matt and I used to work together eons ago at another radio station that used to be Different building down the street. And Matt's never judged anybody on anything I don't think ever Matt never even looked at me when I asked stupid questions. I mean, he may stop for a second, but he never. I don't think you really judged but no. And so Matt McCoy and the best Buckeye coverage it's going to be. We're live from the racing teams broadcast balcony at the point on Lane Avenue with the best Buckeye coverage, and that is going to be this morning. Nine o'clock now again. You may have heard no tailgating at today's game. Yeah, that's going to be a little odd. Oh, and by the way, we are live on Facebook this morning. So if you're on this extended TVN page on Facebook, you Khun See it. Look, God help us. I turned the camera on today. We started out with 10. When I turned the camera on. There were 10. There are now five. So I've lost somehow I've managed to lose people along the way. Sorry, and I don't know how that hell that happened. But anyhow, so, yeah. Game day, very excited about that bucks, Nebraska at the shoe again. No tailgating. Now I was watching our views Partners at ABC six this morning. Fellas, If you're going to go to a party, ladies, two of them, including everybody on this If you're going to go to a party and you're going to go down on campus, be aware that they are looking for this kind of thing. They're looking for large gatherings. All right, just to let you know they are going to be watching for this, especially in the campus area. I've just given you a heads up. All right. You do what you want. I'm not telling you not to do anything. But just be aware that they're going to be vigilant about this today because they don't want large gatherings. As we all know. Large gatherings in Columbus are a no, No in God forbid you get together and have some fun. But Be aware they're looking for this. All right? I don't want you getting in trouble. That's the bottom line here. So any, um let's move on with it, Shall we? It's National Baloney Day or Balog the day Or Bologna day or, however you say it and then and I'm trying to figure out how these two are on the same day, but they're not coincide. They don't really work together. It's also national food Day. But National Food Day focuses on healthy and nutritious, which baloney Baloney really isn't so there you go, and ah, don't forget again. Pre game for the bucks coming up here at 9 A.m., Matt McCoy, the best Buckeye coverage They'll be on with that. And then we're gonna have a guest. We generally do not have guests on Saturday morning Open phones, but later on, we are going to have a guest in the seven o'clock hour, probably around seven thirtyish somewhere in that time. The Ohio Secretary of state. Frank Larose is going to be calling in so a very excited to talk to him. We're going to talk about early voting on what the schedules are and were to go over all that. So that way you could be informed as to what's going on. Because today is the first day that you Khun vote early on the weekends. And we'll talk more about that with the Ohio secretary of state, frankly, rose right around 7 30 or somewhere in that time frame. So again, looking forward to that if you would like to jump in those plenty of time to do so before that 8 to 1 W TV and or 106 10, W TVM It's your show. We get to talk about what you want to talk about. That's what makes it so great. So again, Let's jump right into it and let's kick it off. Wendy, you're on 6 10 w TV and good morning. Good morning about Um, for those people that know me it's time to get out of pen because it's just wild with going on right now. But there is a need him. Sort of like you, Bob. His name's Bob. You Linsky. So it's b o b u l i n s k. I A bobble empty just happened to be, um The guy that received the E mail. It's very famous on Hunter Biden's M O That was water damaged that the FBI trying for that, Ah Ah NIU Biden lawyer called to try and retrieve. So we got two. And this is now of the documents that are on the hunter Biden email. One is in jail for robbing an Indian tribe. Date of Americans..

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